Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar

I changed my hygiene practices a while ago.  I stopped using all soap, shampoo and scented products and started using baking soda and apple cider vinegar for all of my personal washing.

Essentially one just mixes the soda with a little water and rubs it on hair or skin, and just like with cleaning your sink or taking away stink from your fridge you are both clean and deodorized… rinse.

Then a  couple of tablespoons of (organic: I use Braggs) apple cider vinegar in a couple of cups of water and rinse yourself (hair and body) with this again.

I put about two drops of olive oil on my hands rub it in well and then put my fingers through my hair for conditioning.  I have quite curly hair, so this helps it to look smooth and so little is used that it is not heavy.  A little bit of olive oil (a couple of drops) also moisturizes the face and works on the body too.  For me, it is the best product I ever used!

Interesting is that I no longer have any itch or rash anywhere on my body.  As a person who has suffered my entire life with dermatitis, it is shocking that this worked where the hundreds of products and thousands of dollars spent, including visits to dermatologists (free in Canada but not to the tax payer) never did work.  Some did for a while, but I never had permanent relief like I have now.

At Tiny House Ontario, I have still not started catching my rain water on the WC roof so the shower is not yet in order, so I sponge bath.

Here is the cloth porch again in use.  This time as a bathtub.  😀

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3 thoughts on “Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. gladysery

    I like so much the post. Interesting to know about natural ingredients to use or natural ways to make our living much in tune with nature!

  2. this sounds interesting. I may go this route now even tho I don’t live in a tiny house yet. I have had problems with hives, rash, etc. My whole life. I had gotten rid of them for a while, but lately had problems again.

  3. Nick

    I can send you one of our unscented natural soap bars to try out. It is a full body bar and I have excellent results with it for my eczema and dermatitis. It was one of the reasons we started making soap in the first place.

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