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Tiny House Ontario has now got electric lights!  Well, not really… we are still off grid, but the wonderful people at Home Hardware in Gananoque recommended a product called Lightmates: Power Series.  These are a very small LED puck light with a remote control switch.  The product itself claims that one switch can operate up to 20 pucks but Home Hardware cannot seem to get the company to cooperate and give them more of the individual pucks (for the last year or so) and thus has taken them of the shelves.  Even so, one of these little pucks is similar to a 40 watt electric light in function, only better because you can also switch it off at the puck and the switch just reverses itself automatically, so you have a two way switch.  This is great for the little loft because I can switch it on from downstairs and click it off when I am comfortably in bed.

They were about $15 each (this includes the batteries) and I bought three of them.  One for the downstairs, one for the loft and one for the in-house and the best thing is that the switches do NOT interfere with one another.  I have yet to see how long the batteries last on them.  If they suck and burn way too many batteries, I will let you know, but for now I have to say that I love them.  It is great to be able to read and write after dark now.

I can’t take night photos with my camera well, at all, so you will have to believe me when I tell you how enchanting it looks here now at night.  I have solar LED lights all around Tiny House Ontario and now with real light coming from the windows of this Tiny House, it looks so very lovely!

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One thought on “Lights!

  1. I am updating to let you know that while I think that these lights are great for using in the bedroom and bathroom where the light is not on long, in the main room they burn through batteries way to fast. Fortunately I am able to get AAA batteries free, but the cost of batteries to the environment is not good. For these reasons, I am not as in love with these lights now as I was when I posted.

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