Last Days Hamilton

I am getting geared down for my summer at the Tiny House.  I expect to arrive there some time this weekend get my bike going and enjoy the warm weather months in the peace of Tiny House Ontario.

Before I go there is a lot of stuff to do here.  Today I am going to a little Arts and Crafters show and sale in Dundas, Ontario which is being held at the Community Centre at King and Market Streets from 10-4.  It is being held by the Lion’s Hall and the Westover Artists Group who have invited me to join them.  This group meets once a week, I understand, and paints.  I am considering it, but won’t decide until I have met them and also have returned from my stay at Tiny House Ontario in the fall.  To be honest, I am not sure it would work… it seems to me that packing up materials and work with others might not really be my thing.  It is a funny thing because while I long for human connection, I also find that I feel so awkward and unlikable when I am with others that I don’t want to go through the awkward stuff.  It is stranger still too, because I think that people always find me to be social, loud, and confident, which tells me that either I am a very good faker, or perhaps I have some sort of social anxiety disorder?  I don’t know if one is better than the other, but just that this is what it is.  Awkward, uncomfortable, lonely too.  Sigh….

Obviously, that little aside had nothing to do with what there is to do in order to prepare for my months at Tiny House Ontario, but this is not terribly exciting stuff – packing personal belongings, toiletries, tools, dogs and dog stuff, water jugs, paintings for the show and sale at Hatter’s Bay and so on.  It has been impossible to prepare because I am dog sitting a rather rambunctious young one who was recently adopted by a friend of mine.  He is not trained at all and has (w)reeked havoc on every aspect of my life for the past two weeks.  Still he gets picked up tomorrow, so life will resume with its normal amount of chaos shortly.

So, with today planned and tomorrow a pick up and pack up day, I guess what I am saying is that the next posts will come from my off grid experiences this summer when I am able to access a signal.  Sunday – maybe Monday… will be my first visit back here.

Until then try and find one way over this holiday weekend to live life in a Tiny House kind of way.  Even if it is something small like not buying that object that you think you need – just so that you can throw it away later.  If you are going to buy something make it something like a wonderful local food to sustain you, or a piece of local art (or your own art supplies) to brighten up your life.

I hope this weekend will be a pleasure-fest!

I leave you with this beautiful art work which I found here.

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