Evenings for the Powerless

In his book, The Embers and the Stars by Erazim Kohák, he correctly says that we believe shadows fall, but we are wrong.  Shadows raise up from the forest floor to meet the night.  When this happens at Tiny House Ontario, the candles are lit and the dogs are sent out before the shadows raise completely.  Sometimes, the crows blare out the last warnings of the day.  The evening brings the howl of the coyotes and the screech of the fishers.  Many find that their imagination allows fear to rise with the shadows.

For me it is a peaceful time of day where faced with too little light to read, or paint, I write or simply reflect on the day while I watch the bees wax burn.  Due to this time of the day, I am relaxed all summer.  All of the days difficulties are smoothed out before I rest.

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