Wolfe Island’s Wind

Wolfe Island Wind farm is a an omnipresent part of life for some people on the island, but for other’s it is simply a part of the landscape.  Do you think it is an environmental move forward, or a mass of metal that pollutes with sound and size?  So many quixotically charged these giants before they were there and others invited them into their hearts.

Love them or hate them, the wind farm is now a part of the everyday visual intake of those who live on and around the island.  Looking South from Kingston these giants are pretty hard to miss.

Painting 8×10 acrylic of Ian MacAlpine’s photo.

Categories: Art, Environmentalism, Laura Moreland, Nature, Off Grid, Ontario, Original Art work of Laura Moreland, Sustainable living, Wind Farm, Windmill painting, Wolfe Island | 2 Comments

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2 thoughts on “Wolfe Island’s Wind

  1. Anonymous

    How you just whip these up is beyond me….love it…xo

  2. Once visited Wolfe Island to check out a nice farm property we considered buying. It had a wharf on the shore for a boat. Problem? How to live on Wolfe Island and work in T.O.

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