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Call For Help: Does Anyone Know This Woman???

This post is totally unrelated to the subject of Tiny House Ontario.

When I was in school one of the students (a distant cousin really) was hit in the head with a ball in gym class and suffered total amnesia.  I remember how scary this was for her.  I know that 400 -600 people will read here today and hopefully share the link on FB social media and so on.  I know this is irregular and not what you hope to see here… but  if you don’t read, Halifax or Toronto newspapers, you may not see it, and I hope this community can help.

News link

On Sept. 5, a woman, who calls herself Linda, walked into a downtown shelter, but could not remember anything about herself. She has since been transferred to an east-end shelter.

She is described as white, 5-foot-7, 55 to 60 year old, 150 pounds, with shoulder-length, straight blond hair and blue eyes.

When she arrived at the shelter, she wore a dark-blue jean jacket, black capri-style pants, black slip-on walking shoes, a pink bandana, white ankle socks, light-brown glasses and a pink watch.

Police have released a photograph of the woman and are asking the public to help identify her.

Anyone with information can call police at 416-808-5400.

Update October 13, 2012 – five weeks later and still nothing.

Update  November 23 – two and a half months later police wait for DNA to see if Linda is indeed Linda Hegg who is missing from Delaware.  What do you think?  Here are the photos to compare below.

Update December 18 – Linda Hegg is now at home with her family in Delaware.

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