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The Sensual Stars

Don’t you just love to read in bed on a cold day?  Particularly, if it is damp and rainy?  I do.

The cold outside made the windows all fog over, after I added a little heating.  This meant, I did not have much of a view upstairs, but even so, it was certainly bright enough to read.

Frosty window

It is always warmer in the loft than it is on the main level, heat rises.  Still it is nice to get right in bed and roll up cozy in layers of blankets on a lazy afternoon.

David's gift

The book is The Starry Room, a gift from my friend D, who is also a writer as well as an off-grid and Tiny House enthusiast. He thought I would enjoy the book in the quiet of THO’s forest and he was right.   The Author Fred Schaaf words are intuitive and sensual, as well as very much in tune with the sky and the ebb and flow of nature.  He writes,”we should not forget ourselves in our role as appreciators in these heavens we study.  There is no feeling of insignificance or meaninglessness for anyone who is an active participant in this appreciation, which not only involves us in the cosmos but makes us intimate with it as only friends or lovers can be.  And only through the medium of not just our senses, thought, and feeling but also through a sky we can have this involvement.”

He is not quite so lyrical as my hero Erazim Kohák, but even so he speaks to the issue of bonds and connections that we humans can can attain if we take a little time to understand.  I like this about the book, very much.  Connection to life, matters a lot to me.

“There is creative reading as well as creative writing.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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