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Jane’s Bridge

In the summer I purchased a painting from a person who I admire; Kingston artist Geoff Smith.  I Follow Geoff’s work and when he posted this I hoped I would be able to purchase it.  I knew exactly where I would hang it from the moment that I laid my eyes on it.  It would hang right over the window, facing South, in my bedroom, at Tiny House Ontario.  What I could not decide was how to frame it, so I waited.  Finally last week I settled on framing it in a locally made gallery style frame just like I put my own paintings in.  Plain, I know, but I like the simple dark outline, as a finish and don’t really think of a frame as a part of the art.

The painting is called Jane’s Bridge and I love the way that it appears that everything changes if you, the viewer, dare go under the bridge.  It is for this reason that I wanted to put it right to the place where I look when I wake up in the morning.  I see it as a sort of dare to face the challenge of seeing all sides of all things and to take the day Jim Morrison style straight on through to the other side.  It makes me happy just to look at it.  😀

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