Fred’s Community

I got a trouble call last night, there are people working in the area and they have reported Fred’s house and we worry now that she will be moved.

It is so troubling.

It has me worried.  So I have been down to check on her today 8 times, just going by, not bugging her.  I want to be sure that she is safe and that no one is messing with her.  It is cold today here so this last trip, I brought Fred a warm meal.  She is inside with no coat, so it is warm inside, and this made me feel really happy.  Just the candle heater and her body is enough to keep it comfortable when we are hovering around zero.

This morning an email came from one of the volunteers who also made a donation.  This morning she arrived at work and found that there is boy who is living in the dumpster at her work place.  She asked if he could be next.  He needs a house too she said.  I wonder if this community can do it again?  This time, it will cost less because Lowes wants to help us.

Do you know, when we (myself and the other volunteers) were there building Fred’s house, so many of her neighbours stopped to say that they help her.  It was beautiful as far as I am concerned.  And today again after worrying the last 15 hours away, I arrived to find that there are Christmas gifts left for Fred outside her house. Little bags of wrapped gifts, beautiful hand knitted mittens, toiletries.  Thoughtful gifts, given with love.

I spoke to Fred just a moment giving her the food and she thanked me.  But then I went to the car and I cried.  You know these small kindnesses make me weep. Her neighbours there care about her. I hope we can find a way to help her stay.

We turned the corner to come home and there was a homeless man using two cups to get water out of a puddle.  We stopped and got him something to eat and a Tim’s card but he did not want this, but took the Tim’s card to give to someone else, he said.  He shook our hands and blessed us.

He blessed us.

If any of this has you thinking about what you can do what about a blessing bag filled with things like this?


Care package for homeless neighbours. Please also include a card so they can get a hot meal.

What else can you do… Write to your leaders and show your approval of this. your local counsellor, your mayor, the MP, the MPP, the minister of housing, the Prime Minister. Copy them all. Ask for more. While Fred’s house is a GOOD bandaid solution… in that living in an insulated room with a door and window beats living in a pile of pallets, what is needed is lots of small (200 -400 square foot) up to code housing with running water and toilets. We are a rich nation but we have left behind the poorest and most vulnerable members of our society. We not only forget them but we make structures that are small/tiny and affordable illegal. This MUST stop. Poor and vulnerable people need to live in dignity and safety as well.

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14 thoughts on “Fred’s Community

  1. Jess

    Yes I’m in the gta area

    • Jess, if you are under 25, you should be getting orphan’s benefits as long as you remain in school. If you are not, you need to visit here. It is not much – $235 but better than nothing. Also, if you are under 25 without family did your mom have any close friends who would be good to take you in? Certainly, if any of my friend’s children were orphaned we would take them. There are others who are like us. You need to reach out and advocate for yourself, as you have done here – particularly since you seem to feel that you do not have any advocates.

      • Jessica

        Yes thank you for the advice I’ve applied for that. And I’ve struggled with advocating for myself as I’ve a pretty shy and reserved person but the longer the time grows the harder doing everything on my own has become. I am also in my fourth year at university so school has kept my in a bind with my plate overfilled and looking out for what I personally need had been pushed further on the back burner. I would really appreciate some guidance or advice if you would like to email or talk on the phone thank you in advance.

  2. Jess

    After losing my mom this past year I’ve been alone in trying to pick up the pieces and start to get back on my feet. Losing my only family, my home and my childhood animals that I had to give away all in one go has been a real life change I’m still trying to work through. I’ve been staying with a friend as I try to get through my last semester of school but once I graduate in May I will need to figure out living arrangements and a tiny home seems like the most realistic option. Having a space that I can feel comfortable in and begin to repiece my life back together is what I’m looking for. If there is a possibility to work together on creating a tiny home I can call my own it would mean a lot to me.

  3. Hi Laura I’m so sorry that I did not come and help you when I said that I would I had gotten the flu and then there were more problems with my health so I’m sorry. Merry Christmas to you and a happy new year to you Laura.
    Laura I know that you know Henry a nice man I do not know much but what I see it feels good I well be going with him and all how comes I know I well be happy and I well be asking Henry if I can bring Fred with me I know that Fred does not have any money and if he would allow it I hope and there well be a lot to be said I know but I know she well like it would she not? I do not want to take your friend away from you but we can all help in any way we can I know it is not for a mile yet but I well talk to Henry and maybe you to can ask him to. I know he well see this I just hope he knows I well take care of her and if she is up to it she can help to pull her way and I well not be lonely and you can come any time you like ok.

    • Hi Paula, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well. Please don’t worry about not being able to make it to help with Fred’s build, there were plenty of people, and besides, I know what it is like to be sick! I was ill for three years and I think the last in my series of surgeries in December finally fixed the problems that I was having. We all have our own struggles!
      As for Henry of Community Kindred, I don’t know him. He is an aspiring tiny house community person so we clearly have a connection but it is only virtual. Almost all feedback I have had on his project has been positive, so this is why I direct people to it.
      Fred is not someone who I know Paula. I am sorry if I gave you this impression. She is simply a person who was living under a bridge near me and I thought I could assist her with the help of this and my other communities. We were successful in getting the build done, which is truly happy making; however, she is a not particularly friendly and she does not want contact with other people. This is why she does not stay in a shelter but has rather chosen a quite isolated location for herself. I feel very sure that she would in no way wish to participate in any sort of community. You see, even when we were there building she was fearful of us and also quite incoherent at times.

      It is however kind that you think of her. She is very vulnerable, but much less than she was before she had a door that she could lock.

      Do take care ❤ In kindness, Laura

  4. Cheryl Taylor

    Please keep us updated for the next build…would love to help out.

  5. David Christen

    Amazing and enlightening.  Laura please continue to communicate to us all if and when the next build will be.As I said before I’m a contractor and really want to help out.  My time is next to none (believe me I have no life but my work) but I will make a sincere effort to contribute to the next one. keep it up! David

  6. 2BarA

    It is interesting to know that there are so many kind people out there among the bureaucrats who would complain about by-laws and the meanies who would object to anything out of sheer cussedness. While I want Fred to have quiet enjoyment of her little house, perhaps her plight and that of the young man living in the dumpster will draw some attention to the homeless. One is too many in a country as rich as this. If politicians see that ordinary citizens are concerned enough to do something about this, perhaps they will be spurred on to help.

  7. mary

    oh thank you laura!

  8. Anonymous

    Awesome Laura, yes, there are so many wonderfully kind people in the world…. At least if there is trouble for Fred, it will draw attention to how no-one cared when she was living just a few feet away in a pile of pallets – so the difference is that when she is invisible, no-one minds but once she becomes visible, its a problem….. i am in for the plan for the boy in the dumpster but not back from Florida until Jan 6, 2016 and my manager at work wants to help on the next one also….. Susan

  9. I have some bags ready to give out in ottawa and I included a pack of hot chocolate and a pack of instant one Cup of soup. Hoping they can get a cup of hot water some where

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