Farewell Dear Bear


Our dear friend Maurice Leger, also known as Bear the Tinker, left us a few days ago.

Bear was an amazing man whose spirit will live on in those who had the pleasure of knowing him.

He was a caravan dweller, a builder and a master of many things.  He was a gentle, capable man who will be missed.

My sincerest sympathy goes out to his family.

My hope for Bear is that he has a caravan in the sky.  Thank you for all you taught me, and others during this journey through life.

“… and where he’s gone to, but off he goes”

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10 thoughts on “Farewell Dear Bear

  1. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear this as I grew up with Bear, always wondered what became of him. Thank you for sharing this. Knowed as “RED” from Scoudouc, N.B.

    • Dear Red,
      I am so terribly sorry that I am the carrier of this sad news.
      Please do tell me about little Bear. I bet he was always a big person even when his size not in keeping with the nick-name.
      With a tip of the hat to you sir,

  2. Gwendolen

    What a beautiful man, with a soul full of love, a voice melodic and soothing to ones heart. I miss u Tinkerman may we all meet in the Heavan some golden summer evening. Blessings

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  4. I didn’t know Bear but he looks like a very special spiritual entity.

  5. He lived his dream to the fullest! He had no regrets. I wish I had been fortunate enough to know him. I know he has a special caravan in the sky! I noticed on his shelf some angels. He believed!

    • Yes he was a big believer in alternate places. I think he may be out walking the woods with Bigfoot. I really hope so anyway! It is too bad you did not meet him Shirley, he was a real dreamer and doer.

  6. The DC

    I’m very sorry for your loss, my friend. I (obviously) didn’t know him, but I know you (through here 😉 ) and your heart, so this pains mine as well

  7. Teri

    peace to all

  8. Very sorry to hear this, although I never met him he seemed a kindred spirit.

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