Another Angle

A while ago one of my readers asked me why I don’t show other angles of Tiny House Ontario.  The reason is much more simple than you might think.  Just five feet in front of the house begins a thorn bramble.  It runs due East to West and makes stepping far enough away from the house to get a photo sort of tricky.

The bramble is dense.  when I stand on the other side of it in the clearest area about 30 feet from the house, after half of the leaves have fallen this what you can see of the house.   Can you see it???Tiny House Ontario from the South

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13 thoughts on “Another Angle

  1. Oh the bramble attracts the Cedar Waxwings – and who would not want them as regular visitors? G

    • Hi G, I don’t often see the cedar wax wings but of course in the tangle, I don’t often see what is there, though I hear them. You are right, the call is present among the sounds that come from there.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s still a beautiful place to take pics

  3. Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Absolutely beautiful & peaceful!

  5. Mary Lyon

    beautiful….please don’t clear the bramble….there are so few wild and tangled places left in the world!

    • It is a lovely tangle…..!!

    • Good advice! Trust me, it will never be cleared as long as I am alive to keep it. The rabbits and grouse… hummingbirds and other wild beings make it home and I love to sit and listen to them. I don’t see them often but the rustle lets me know that the world is alive.

  6. I forgot: BEAUTIFUL WOODS….!!

    • Thanks Rocky! I never met a woods that wasn’t a beauty. 😀 xo L

      • Is your place in the middle photo…?? We used to be able to see our place from the road… 30 yrs. later, and we FINALLY have become invisible..!! Yay! We’ve never had one Trick or Treater… Too afraid to walk up our long path, and cross a footbridge to the door… It’s the scary woods, after all…!!!

      • Yes it is right in the middle. The beige line of the roof and the shaded bit of the cloth porch are all that are visible. I would trick or treat at your house. I am not afraid in the woods! 😀

  7. Like the woods surrounding our A frame…. A comforting cloak to us, but not too kindly to intruders …painful, hostile and NOISY…

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