A Giggle for the Dog People

I thought I might share a laugh with my readers who love dogs.  If you have one, or multiple fur-babies as I do, I think you will get these wonderful cartoons by Rupert Fawcett.  They are called Off the Leash.385308_425292807546929_1977424414_n 294904_421709491238594_647122248_n 184544_415342995208577_2045200911_n

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5 thoughts on “A Giggle for the Dog People

  1. I love the first one with the dog laying there all comfy… The last photo is just ‘so true’… Isn’t that the way?

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  3. strivingfortiny

    OMG! They’re all hilarious!! Thanks for posting!! 😀

  4. Excellent!! Thanks for the cheering up! 🙂

  5. Love the last one in particular. We had a lab who slept with my son, if he moved the dog had the entire bed, actually looking in on him at night I would find the dog had more of the bed than my son did at all times. What’s even funnier was after we no longer had the dog and my son had his bed to himself I would hear this thump and jump up to find my son had fallen out of the bed. It happened regularly for a couple of weeks until he got used to sleeping alone.

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