Les and Sue Stroud

Here is a one hour documentary from Les Stroud about the life that he and Sue chose for themselves.



Thanks Les!  xo L


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7 thoughts on “Les and Sue Stroud

  1. I thought I had commented on this post before, but I must have dreamed it. This documentary inspired us a great deal. A friend shared it with us just after we started planning to build our tiny house. We figured if they could do it in the harsh Ontario winters we could manage in Appalachia!

    • Les is quite a guy! Hopefully I will meet him some time personally. My friend Bet and her husband are homesteading up near he and Sue. I hope to get heat in my place soon so that I can finally be there year around. xo L

  2. Lisa Pogatshnik

    Living in North Dakota, I find most things about living simple doesn’t apply to me because the area they talk about is warm but since finding your blog I’ve been energized with ideas and possibilities for actually getting it done. Thank you.

  3. disabledcyclist

    I have seen this before (watched it 15 minutes at each sitting,LOL,I get restless :P),good vid 🙂

    The DC

    • I have never met him but I am certain I would love him and his family. They are so totally in tune with the planet and keenly interested in so many things. I have seen the video before a couple of times but watched it again today when I bumped into it. I really liked his Survivorman TV show… even though I have no TV I made a point of getting to see it. Cool guy that Les!
      Hope all is good with you.

      • disabledcyclist

        I liked it too (Survivorman),small world,eh? 😀 And yes,we’re doing well,thank you-very well actually,seems we’re getting along so well lately I feel bad when I’m getting “me time”,LOL! Hope y’all are as well 😀

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