Small Houses in Old Neighbourhood

I just brought some of my green tomatoes over to my friend Marilyn and while I was out, I went though the waterfront neighbourhood by the Hamilton Bay. The area is getting nicer all the time down that way!

The community did a lot of revitalization along the waterfront and this action by the community, really picked up the market and brought in some interesting new buyers.  It is now attracting  lots of artists, professionals and people who take pride in their homes.  Unfortunately a lot of these lovely little small homes have (or are having) additions put on them but there are still a number of cute and solid little small homes that just need a bit of TLC to be AWESOME homes again.

Here are photos of a few of the old small homes that have been polished up and that don’t have additions bigger than the original home on them.  Hamilton, Ontario gets a bad wrap because of the industry along the water front.  A lot of people, even those who live close don’t know what this city has to offer.  It is an interesting and pretty place not just because it is the waterfall capitol of the world either.

If you can’t find something to do or see here, then you are not looking very hard.

These are just lovely little old houses – within a few blocks from the waterfront, in Hamilton. Probably people raised 8 or 10 kids at a time in these houses… just 100 years ago.
Now, so many people think them too small for a couple. Not me… what about you?

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3 thoughts on “Small Houses in Old Neighbourhood

  1. Steve

    Very nice!

  2. Those are nice!

    • I think so too Sabrina. The green home was involved in an open door event about a year ago, so I got to see inside of it as well. The owner of the home is really interested in ecology and living life with a small footprint so is doing a lot of neat stuff. The stairs had to be replaced in the house, so the owner hired a local artist to build them out of recycled wood and metal bits. They are absolutely stunning! I was not running a blog then so I did not take any photos…. I really wish I had now.
      xo L

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