Rain Dance Required!

At Tiny House Ontario my morning ritual is to look out the window to see how the forest survived the night.  There are changes every single day even if it is simply wildlife that is moving around.  Currently, the forest is gasping for a drink.  The tops of the maples have started turning yellow in response to the current drought conditions.  It took 100 litres to give the garden a drink and I suppose that the forest would need about a million litres for it to help them through until the next rain.  That is a hundred of those water trucks full and then there would be the issue of getting it spread around.

The ancestor tree next to the cloth porch is the only tree that seems to be OK but of course, I always give it my bath water, dish water, left over tea and coffee including the grounds and leaves as well as melted ice water from my cooler.  Lucky tree.

Today, when the forecast called for rain I think I even saw Dictator chipmunk doing a little dance.  Sadly, the rain turned out to be less than a mm.  The good thing is that it did cool off the air a bit, so there is something to be grateful for.

There is hope! I just looked up the weather on my computer and found that the forecast calls for possible storms tonight and there is rain on the forecast for the next couple of days too.  I hope that we will have a few days of slow steady rain.  I am sure that the farmers would agree!  I can’t wait to tell the chipmunk!


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