Shit happens

I purchased a copy of the Humanure Handbook the other day, and a minute ago I ordered the Privy 500 in Canada they are ordered from Canadian Eco Products.  The dealer who I spoke to seemed to me like a pretty good guy.  He says that the unit should arrive here in a couple of days, (depending on the Family Day Holiday), I will let you know how long it takes to arrive.  I plan on building a box to hold the unit up and will take some photos of this process when I do.  I had intended to buy the Privy 501 but the Canadian dealer says that the toilet seat addition made the cost of shipping high and if you want a toilet seat for it, you can add one later.  Seems sensible.

Basically, my plan is to make something similar to this:

or this:

The difference is that I will have a drain for urine which is why I bought the Privy 500 unit.  Urine is what makes outhouses so funky, because it makes the pile o’poop wet.

The thing is, all you need to do is keep your poop bucket dry for it to be stink and pest free.  In the reading that I have done (I have not read the Humanure Handbook yet), I understand that many people vary on what they use.  Wood chips, peat moss and coconut husk fibre are the materials that seem to be favoured.  I intend to use coco fibre at least initially, because I understand this to be a renewable resource.

What would you do?

a) Wood chips

b) Peat Moss

c) Coconut fibre

d) Poop in the woods

e) Are you kidding?  I would never consider any of this as an option!

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5 thoughts on “Shit happens

  1. Wood Shavings. The carbon to nitrogen ratio is important, and if it starts to be smelly, you just need more carbon material (wood shavings)

    Your urine is excellent for your outside compost pile for the same reasons. Compost is mostly Carbon, and nitrogen in your urine helps to break it down.

  2. Bonnie Smith

    I am still undecided re: what I am going to do. I definitely would be open to any option that does not include building a septic system. I have used a number of alternate facilities that have been ecologically maintained and have not been offended by any noxious odours or anything else. I am not keen on exposing my ample arse to the woods only because of the number of mosquitoes which can land and feast while I am trying to enjoy my daily constitutional.

  3. Lois

    We didn’t have an indoor toilet at the cottage until I was around 11… We had the loveliest outhouse with 2 seats. On was large, and one was small. My father would dump chemicals down the hole, [this was the 70’s] and it didn’t smell too bad. Years later he could still be found watching the boats through the cedar trees, having a smoke, in the outhouse.

    A friend I have on an island uses fire ash in her outhouse.

    Good luck with your system! Spring is coming…

  4. I pick D…that is all.

  5. Anonymous

    Dammit you are funny – I can so see the Uncle Les gleam in your eye.

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