The cloth porch is still standing

I have written before about the cloth porch.  A few dollars worth of deeply discounted fabric, some left over boards and two boxes of staples as well as a screen door is what it is comprised of.  While I was building it, then banging in the staples, I resigned myself to having to redo the cloth covering annually because I assumed that the thin, semitransparent, fabric roof would never stand the weight of the winter snow on it.  We have had a couple of pretty good snow falls now, so I thought for sure, when I arrived to check in, it would be down.  It is late January now, and to my surprise the cloth porch is still standing.

I know! I know! It is not the most beautiful addition that was ever put on a Tiny House but if you have ever been to Ontario in the spring (and summer) you will know that if the black flies don’t get you in the spring, then deer flies, horse flies, ticks and mosquitoes surely will get what is left of you before you freeze to death in our winters.

I am starting to believe that buying and installing new cloth is one job I may not have to do in the spring!  Time will tell.

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