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Feeding the Birds

Last year I purchased two bird feeders that were on sale for $5.  The first time it rained, I realized why they were so cheap.  The bases filled with water and the food on the bottom absorbed the water and turned into sticky goo which I had to dig out.  Gross!  Sadly too, pretty useless unless you have a covered patio, which I don’t… you know… rain happens.

This year because of the earlier drought I know that the birds suffer and will continue to suffer unless there is food put out for them because not enough stuff germinated and created seeds.  I had been thinking about buying a different feeder because I hate to throw the seeds out on the ground when we live so close to a feral colony here in Hamilton.  A while back, my friend O and I were at a greenhouse where I was admiring the practicality of $90 bird feeders and telling her about my terrible feeders.  She suggested that I buy a plastic bowl from the dollar store to cover them and drill a hole in the top (they have to be flexible plastic).  Yesterday, I finally got around to buying and preparing them and I already have a hundred sparrows chattering happily outside.  I am not sure if the bowls are large enough but  rain is coming so, I guess I will know soon enough if their food will stay dry.

DIY Covered bird feeders

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