Did We Win?

Have any of you wondered what happened with the Wichtelhütte image that was sent to Germany?  I was.

To give you some background, Wichtelhütte is a sort of pub in Neuburg on the Danube.  The business operates during the Christmas season at the Christkindlmarkt, and is opened only on the weekend.

This is the Neuburg Christkindlmarkt.

Chriskindlmarkt Neuberg am Donau

We have nothing similar to this in Canada (that I know of) but these are made up of tiny buildings; they are like the ones at old country fairgrounds and each are set up as small shops, places to eat, drink and so on.  Like most Christkindlmarkts this one is right downtown and the Wichtelhütte itself is a bar that raises funds for the community.  For example, in 2011 they collected 1,500 Euro for the Red Cross Children’s Fund and have been doing this for 12 years now.  Great cause.  Looks like a fun place to visit too!

Still, there is the pressing matter of the photo competition.  I know you are all hanging on the edge of your seats… so here it is: Tiny House Ontario was winning image for this year.  Here is our photo honourably hanging next to the fun/fund raising beverage dispenser — half the world away.


I know what you are thinking, that we both have a Rüdiger, it was fixed!  This had NOTHING to do with the decision; ours is a Rudigrrr, huge difference!  As a matter of fact, I have it on good authority, that it was the gnomes as an umlaut which was the biggest hit.  All in all, it is cool in both directions, to say the least.

I understand that on the wichtlehuetten-homepage, a link “Pictures from far away” will be included. This homepage will naturally also link to  😀  

To the Tiny Houses now linked to one another from opposite sides of the globe Cheers! Prost!

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Woman in Bed ~ Self Portrait

This is a total spur of the moment self portrait.  It is Grammy time and I hoped to say something about women “accidentally” having their nipples show. I am not sure about you, but for me, my nipples never hung out, escaped or malfunctioned even once unless I wanted them to do so. Seems to me that Hollywood makes a HUGE issue out of sex, nudity and the human body in general when it comes to these things but not a word when people’s heads are blown off or whatever kind of gratuitous violence that they can muster up.

It was not what I set out to paint, but what showed up.

My hair is not as good as this.  It is like, my friend, Velda’s hair – which is lost to her now because of chemo.  Here is the painting which is 24 x 24 acrylic.

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