Ontario Tiny House By-Law Questions


Due to the fact that I have a tiny house and I am so far the only tiny houser in the area who writes about the experience, I have a lot of people writing to me to ask if they can legally live in the tiny house that they dream of building.  The honest answer is that I have very little idea.

The problem is, the question is not a simple one.  The Canadian Building Code is used as a guideline by all municipalities in Ontario (as far as I know); however, each community can amend these guidelines to fit their own vision of a community.

On Undeveloped land:

Most communities will not allow an RV to be parked there and a tiny house will fit into the same category.  So far I have not learned of any areas that allow you to live on wheels on land, whether you own it or not.  You can get a permit to live in an RV short term while you are building a house and as far as I know this is the only time you can live in an RV, unless you are in a licensed RV park.

You can typically build a structure on undeveloped land but this is variable depending on your area.  You must check yourself with your building inspector.  In the case of the area that I live, I am allowed to have a building with a footprint of 108 square feet (many are 100 square feet, I know of one area that has 120 square feet and I am sure that there are other sizes outlined too).  The said structure can be no higher than 15 feet which is a gift because this allows me to have a half floor loft.   I cannot live there but I can visit it as much as I like.  This said without a permit to reside there, my house may well be at risk when new administration or inspectors come on the scene.

On Developed land (land with a house):

You are allowed to park a house on wheels on your own property in most areas but not all.  This is why you often see RV’s at storage facilities.  You cannot live in an RV beside someone’s house as far as I am aware.  The only exceptions are are some communities which allow you to have a garden house which is livable as long as it is movable.   There are some communities North of Toronto that welcome movable garden houses.  The hitch here is that you must put expensive infrastructure in place.  With the exception of the ones that exist already and these movable garden houses, most communities in Ontario strictly prohibit 2 families on one lot.

So far I have never heard of any communities which allow garden houses to be built in back yards but I suspect as our population climbs and cities become denser, this will change.

In short, I can’t really answer this question for you.  The answers are very specific to your area and your building inspector.  I suggest that anyone who is wants to know call their building inspector.  This is their job to know the answers, so don’t feel that you are wasting their time.

If anyone knows specific rules for their city and county please leave this information in the comments section.

I will amend this article as information becomes available or known to me.

Amendment #1: Unorganized Townships: 

Barbara Sheridan writes: “If you live in an unorganized township they follow canadian building code not a municipal code (since there is no organized municipality). The Canadian code does not set out building size requirements.”  What this means is that you can build a tiny house here, as long as it meets building code.  Be aware ladders to the loft do not meet code so you have to make room for stairs that are up to code if you want a second floor.


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153 thoughts on “Ontario Tiny House By-Law Questions

  1. Dan

    There are some recent changes in BC that have been reported in the media. Smaller homes are part of the solution to the overpriced housing market. Smaller homes are cheaper and if allowed would open up home ownership to those that otherwise couldn’t afford to own their own home.

    Google smaller homes…I wish I had book marked the article.

  2. I understand that tiny homes fall under the category of recreational vehicles. But if you wanted to build a tiny home that didn’t have wheels, could you still build it on undeveloped land? That way it’s a permanent structure. It loses the romanticism of being able to pick up and go traveling as you wish, but I’m wondering if this might be the only way to live tiny in Ontario.

    • My tiny house is, of course, not on wheels. You are right, but still there are many municipalites who put house sizes at huge minumum sizes. Every municipality differs and you have to check with yours.

  3. Bernice

    Hi my name is Bernice I live in London I was a stay at home mom for many years I am recently divorce had a heart attack in 2013 I live off 987 every 2 weeks am also wanting to buy a tiny home but am very scared as to where I would live in a tiny home I have children and grand babies I don’t want to leave so pl I really need help to decide I already think very worth it

  4. Chava Finkler

    Dear Tiny Housers; I live in London, Ontario. I note that a number of Londoners have posted here.
    Is there a local London Tiny House Association? If not, is anyone interested in starting one?
    I am a land use planner by profession; I think there are definitely ways to challenge minimum square footage bylaws. If anyone in London is interested in chatting please email me at chavafinkler@gmail.com. Really hoping we can do something here in London. Chava

  5. Dan

    Hello everyone, I am new to the Tiny House community and have many questions that hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I love the thought of having my own tiny house, smaller footprint and less waste. I am currently living in Kitchener and would like to stay within a 30 km area. Does anyone know of an area that currently allows tiny houses? I am looking for more information on the basics. Bylaws, land severing/ownership, company’s that will build a Tiny house in this area. I have read about proposed Tiny communities but would rather be on my own. Can someone guide me along on the first steps? I would truly appreciate any advice.

    Thank you

  6. Annamazon


    Your site comes up first when searching “Can you live in an RV on your property while building your home in Toronto”

    You have said yes! Could you direct me to where you found this information? Thanks so much

  7. Gerry

    Some areas will allow permits for trailers on properties, but the catch is, they are to house temporary workers. eg. farms hiring seasonal workers – also I’ve seen what looks to be a tiny house community on a main highway between Shelburne and Mount Forrest. I’m not really sure what it is but there are many small buildings in the 100 sq. foot range…?

  8. Michael Bailey

    In the USA there are all kinds of tiny home communities popping up everywhere affordable housing for the poor and and old.

  9. Jen

    Hi there, I own a cottage on a lake in the kawarthas. The property is about half an acre. I have a small 3 bedroom, 3 season bungalow on the property. I have lots of space for a tiny house there and I am wondering if I could have one built there to live in as a second dwelling? I heard that it’s easier to do things this way? Do you have any info regarding that? Thank you for your time

  10. Dan

    Anyone seen this? Interesting…

    Click to access tiny_homes_discussion_paper_revised_2016-10-02.pdf

    Big step in the right direction.


  11. Melinda

    hi there, we live in a small village outside of Kingston Ont. I am wondering about putting a tiny house on our property to use as an inlaw suite. Is this legal? Should I check with the township, or is this “not allowed” ? THanks!

    • Hi Melinda, I hope you don’t mind me pointing out that it is not illegal to live in a tiny house anywhere. Living in a tiny house is not like robbing a bank or selling cocaine. What you are asking is not if it is illegal, but rather if the building department in the specific municipality allows you to live in a tiny house that is adjacent to another house. I am pretty sure that there are no municipalities that allow you to live in a tiny house on wheels on any property in Ontario, but you might be allowed to have a detached in=law suite, as long as it meets the codes in that municipality. You would have to call and check. And if it is not possible you might be able to apply for a variance. Good luck! Laura

  12. The reason that the government made the rule, “no two houses on one lot” came into effect to prevent farmers from doing so as they have done in the past. For example, a farmer may have built several houses in the past on his property for children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. This stopped it is said because cities were afraid of losing farm land BUT real estate people can do so, here and there, right? Farmers are now entering the average age of 70 – 90 and we have lost 2 – 3 generations of future farmers that were sent to live in cities, right?
    Rural housing, I was told once, was discouraged as mayors wanted taxpayers to live in the city and many rural’s could not find work and turned to welfare, right?
    Others, claim that small houses posed a treat as high winds mite make them dangerous but so do trailers. The only way to overturn the rules is to do a referendum. Here again, there has to be a good foundation that eliminate rats. I have no problem with small houses if it has a good foundation. Sewage was another as outhouses were no longer acceptable. But, feces can be burnt in it’s own stove and pea can be used to make gas. A small house had to have water but we now buy drinking water in bottles even in cities and chemical toilets. I have heard of stories of people starving cause they were to far out. I grew up without electricity and inside toilet and we farmed.
    I think the decisions made are all political to control trees and mining. Good foundation, septic tank, water and a strong strapped in small house with farming and self-sufficency

  13. christopher

    I am just curious as to what would it cost to build a tiny house? ball park figure would be a great start.

    • Hi Christoper,
      Every house is of course different, but this was a question I also had when I started and it seemed to me that everyone was not very forthcoming about this. So I desired that every year I would post as close to the exact amount that I had spent on the land, driveway, house, interior, porch, updates and so forth as I go along. My house was largely DIY though I hired out for a few things that I did not know how to do on my own. When I breakdown these costs for the house ONLY what I spent is $22,323 but there were other costs for me outside of the build as well. If every cost is interesting for you please feel free to look at my EXACT COSTS section of my blog. This can be found here: https://tinyhouseontario.com/?s=Exact+cost
      Kind regards to you,

  14. J. Lyon

    Ellen Boyce: our vacant land in Norfolk County is PRIVATE PROPERTY. We would build an awesome tiny house but the zoning won’t allow that after the storm of ’85 — with cottages damaged, they told us to remove them and then they downzoned all of it to Hazard Land. Trailers are currently allowed but if you and your solicitor had your way, we would not be allowed to stay overnight on our own property. No trailers, no tents, no overnight parking… on PRIVATE PROPERTY while you enjoy the cottage you bought on Hazard Land. Nice.

    • What a brutal financial loss for your family. The municipality should be forced to purchase from you if they change the zoning. Clearly this was a mistake to allow building in the first place!

  15. Anonymous

    Yo yo yo God bless

  16. Missy

    This is great information, would you have current information regarding bylaws in towns owning-parking and living in Tiny homes in Collingwood Ontario and small towns.
    I am interested in purchasing a tiny home and buying a small portion of land from a farmer friend to live. If anyone has updated info, I eould appreciate if uou could share links, blogs, or people.

    • Andrew

      Hi Missy,

      I was wondering if you had any luck with this in Collingwood? I am looking to building in Owen Sound and was wondering if they’ve let people live in Tiny homes in our area.

    • Anonymous

      Do a search for information in the areas that you wish to build. Contact the proper authorities. Make phone calls. Request information. Ask the area municipalities where you can information. Ask your farmer friend to help you. He should be able to help or show you where to find help.

  17. Lorelei Generoux

    I’m retired and looking to downsize to a tiny home. I checked with the twp I am thinking of moving to and the minimum square footage allowed is 807. I didn’t think to ask about the heigth though.

    • Hi Lorelei, Congratulations on your retirement! As I am sure you know 807 is not a tiny home, but a small one. If you have 807 square feet for one or two people you are unlikely to need more height on the house, but it may be worthwhile for you to put stairs up to an unfinished half floor attic with windows because the extra space may be a selling feature for your home when the time comes to leave it. If it is a half story, you won’t need to pay taxes on it. This is how Ontario Cottages gained popularity here and why we have so many of these beautiful homes with the peaked gables.
      Kind regards,

  18. Hello there,
    I am a Canadian returning to Ontario from the US. I am hoping I can drive my Tiny House up through the border. Know if there are any restrictions on this? Aside from the height needing to be 12-6″ and having Trailer permits/plates?


    • Hi Al, I am sorry, I am just seeing this now. I am sorry that I don’t know the answer! Did you have any trouble?

  19. Hi,

    We are looking to build a man cave/tiny house, with no bathroom on a 8×20 flat deck trailer. we live in an area of Southwestern Ontario that I believe you can park an RV in your driveway for 6 months. will we have to get a permit and meet all building codes for our area?

  20. Hi:
    I’ve been searching for the maximum height on a 500 ft cabin for 2 days. US says 18 ft but I noted that a lot of hunt camps have 3 ft or 4 ft pitch. Which is it in Ontario? Could a person go with a 5ft pitch. Or, what is the allowable height of the walls and maybe I could drop the ceiling which would allow for a 6 ft height on the lower level?

    • Hi Iris,
      I am not sure why you are looking for a 500 ft cabin specifically… this is not considered tiny anymore and I think perhaps it is these parameters that are keeping you from getting the answers that you are seeking.
      For an un-permitted auxiliary structure in the area where Tiny House Ontario is if the upper floor is not over 6 feet (from floor to ceiling) on the interior then it does not count as a floor. So you can actually go up quite a bit with the walls (hip wall) and lower the pitch which makes more space on the upper loft.. This much easier to move around and also to put a roof on… The maximum height of an un-permitted building is 14.5 feet.
      What you need to understand though, is that every municipality differs. What is true in my municipality is not true in others.
      Also, if you are building a 500 square foot building you will have to have a permit, so the building department in your municipality can tell you all of this.
      Kind regards,

  21. Ruby

    Do you if in Ontario we can build a THOW on our driveway but not keep it there forever, just while its being built?

    • Dave

      Hi Ruby. Not sure if you found your answer…I know that in London, you are not allowed to “manufacture” anything on your property or driveway. The city zoning dept said if your neighbors complain, they would send out a inspector and possibly fine the homeowner.

  22. Hello, I’m fairly young and very passionate about going against the grain. I don’t want to be tied down to a mortgage and I really love this tiny house community idea. I’m sorry if any of my questions have been answered. I’m wondering if anyone has any information on the tiny house community in Dufferin County and or the Bruce Peninsula? Are there companies that are designing and building tiny houses in northern Ontario?

    many thanks,

    • Anonymous

      Desiree, I am also a young environmentalist wondering these same questions!

    • Andrew

      Hi Desiree Lee,

      I was wondering if you had any luck with this? I’m near the Bruce Peninsula as well looking to build.

  23. Nick

    I just bought a vacant lakefront property on Lake Simcoe (Beaverton area) and am wondering if I could put a travel trailer on it to enjoy the weekends. Planning to build a house in a few years. Thx

    • Hey Nick, It is great that you bought property! Congratulations! I hope that you can do what you want with it.
      Honestly, when you buy land and it is yours, this should not even be a question you have to worry about in my opinion… but I wish that you would have put your question to the municipality first. The fact is that you might not be allowed to do this…
      You will have to contact them to see if you can go forward.
      I wish you the best!
      Please keep us posted here.
      Kind regards,

  24. Adam


    I have a question I hope you can help with.

    I am gearing up to build a 9×12 bunkie in our 50 acres forest next spring. It’s located close to Coburg, On.

    My question is …
    Would a wraparound covered ( but open ) porch with my under permit 9×12 bunkie be legal in the eyes of Ontario by laws? Ie contribute to the usable sqf?

    More covered outdoor space would really be helpful to us in the Ontario shoulder seasons.


    • I wish I could help you Adam, unfortunately every single municipality has its own special sets of rules. I suggest that you pop by your building department and ask them. Let them know you want to build a workshop shed, with a little porch sitting area outside, so that you can take a break outside if it gets too hot indoors. They will tell you if there is a minimum building size and if porches count.

      A lot of the Ontario municipalities are worried about the “footprint” and porches/decks that are less than one foot off the ground don’t count. But of course, I don’t know if this applies to where you are or not.

      Let me know when you get your answers!


      • Jan Holman

        We have hit roadblocks in wanting to put up a 600 sq. ft. green house in eastern Ontario. Most municipalities have minimum house limits of 800 square feet to 1000 sq. ft. so we would have to apply for a variance that may or may not get approved, and take months to get. We also wanted to put up an additional small space of 300 sq. ft on the same property for when the kids come to visit and have been denied. The only way to get around that is to attach it to the main house. Two separate buildings puts in the duplex category even though you don’t want to rent it out, and it must go through a zoning change. It is despicable that politicians can dictate to us what size of a home we can live in! As long as we follow building codes what does it matter? It’s just a tax grab as housing taxes are based on square footage. All the municipalities we have contacted so far will not allow a home on wheels…those have to be in a mobile home park. It must be on a foundation of some type.
        Does anyone know of a group that is organizing to lobby governments to change these archaic rulings?

      • Hi Jan, I agree with you on almost every single point – except archaic rulings. This is not an archaic problem. People have been living happily in tiny ad small houses all over the world for thousands and thousands of years. The problem of home sizes restriction to larger sizes started only recently! This is part of the bigger is better philosophy of greed that started only in the 1970s. But you are right of course it is absurd!

        What I would personally suggest to you for your build is a breezeway or a garage in between – one roof one heating system between the 600 square foot house that you want to put up for yourselves and the 300 square foot house for your family. You will have to heat it anyway if you want to keep pipes from freezing so this is probably the most cost efficient way of doing things. With a breezeway (or garage in the middle) you can enjoy privacy while still having your family close.

        YES there is help! http://www.ontariolandowners.ca

        Best of luck and please do keep us posted as to how you were able to move forward!

      • Perlina Bertolo

        HI..just happened on this website. I have a question. I own a cottage on lake scugog. Sometimes when we have family up, we are crowded. Can I permanently park an RV on my lot for extra bedrooms? Thank you so much.

      • Hi Perlina! Unfortunately I do not know the answer to your question. Every municipality differs. You would have to find out from your municipality what the rules are. Most do not allow this; however, most also allow footprints under a specific size to be built without permit. These sizes range in every community with the most common footprints being 80, 90, 100, 108, 110, and 120 square feet. This is why so many cottages have bunkies.
        You simply call the community, and ask to speak with the building department. Then ask about the rules for RVs, campers and bunkies.
        Note, that if you find out that it is only a bunkie, which you can add to your property…. that it is important for these to be well built, because otherwise your investment can be ruined quickly by mice that move in during the off season.
        Best of luck with this!
        ❤ Laura

      • Also… if it is additional family who are coming and crowding you, then you might want to consider asking them to contribute (or to actually take over) the cost and labour of the bunkie.

  25. Adam


    I have a question I hope you can help with.

    I am gearing up to build a 9×12 bunkie in our 50 acres forest next spring. It’s located close to Coburg, On.

    My question is …
    Would a wraparound covered ( but open ) porch with my under permit 9×12 bunkie be legal in the eyes of Ontario by laws?

    More covered outdoor space would really be helpful to us in the Ontario shoulder seasons.


  26. Amy

    Hi, I’m looking for a place to park and live in my tiny house RV around London. Preferably outside of the city… However I’m not having any luck… I’d even live in an industrial area at this point… I don’t know the bylaws… I just want somewhere to live… Is everyone having this issue?

    • Yes, I am sorry, please don’t be angry with the me because you and I are for sure on the same side. Sadly though, London seems like the least cooperative community in Ontario when it comes to Tiny Houses. They are fully and completely closed off as far as I have heard. Not even the RV parks there are open for tiny houses.

      • Robert Clark

        Just found your site. Very interesting. Am looking at building something in Grey County in the next 2 years. Lots of hoops so far. Very discouraging.
        Can I contact you for an opinion? (do I join something?)

      • I am sorry. Hoops suck, because they are totally without purpose. I despise getting the run around.

        Sure you can, there is nothing to join, you can reach me here or on Facebook. ( I am a lot faster on Facebook because I can access this off grid).


      • Anonymous

        Hi there yes I agree-I live in London and the system is not supportive of anything different to support and differnt looking community!!

      • We were told not to move to London, Ontario…people will not shake hands nor say hi. There are more milionaires in London, it is said, then anywhere else. London has about 5 wine stores and 2 beer stores in the 1980’s. Windsor had 5 beer stores and 2 wines stores. You can not park on the road outside your house even though there are no signs. Your new neighbours will never greet you. This is the west side. The east side is more industrial. Status is MOST important. Tiny Houses go with trailer parks. For a tiny house to exist in London, it would have to be on the outskirts completely surrounded by a high brick wall that would allow Westmount people to pass by without a heart attack or sleepless nights. The sign is invisible but it reads, “Move somewhere else,” right? Tiny Houses can be a danger if they are not grounded properly which endangers others.

      • I have heard often that London does not welcome Tiny Houses… But now I know why. Thank you for your insight on this Iris! What a pity that there is such a caste system in Canada.

    • Amy

      I’m wondering if maybe in the Ingersoll Woodstock area or st. Thomas?

  27. Wayne speers

    I’m looking to find a place or purchase a lot for my tiny house.

    • Hi Wayne, if you don’t care about wheels, have a look at the post I put up tonight, on Orillia.

      • Daniel Augustino

        I cant seem to find your post on Orillia you refer to here? Can any info on Orillia be forwarded to me if at all possible re: Orillia, tiny house, RVs, disabling the mobile part of RV and turn into permanent dweilling/house. thx in advance

      • Hello Everyone. I am fairly new to this page. It seems a consistent and common theme that we must consult our local municipalities to see if we can house our tiny homes. No consistency or conformity in Ontario. I am wondering if somehow we can find out and post all communities that currently allow tiny homes in Ontario with a link? Further more petition (petition.org) with a common letter, which I am happy to set up, to put pressure on our government (at all levels) to allow legal up to code tiny houses and to create a new ACT for municipalities to follow. I think somewhere on this post someone put contacts to reach politicians. I am just wondering since Laura is very knowledgable, if she could do up the letter, I would be more than happy to create the petition, get it posted here for sharing on all of our SM venues. Thoughts?

    • Wayne, feel free to contact us:
      Best to send us email address for more non-public info. cheers ,henry

  28. Deborah

    Hi! I’m knew to this Group! and in about 3 years as l live in Toronto my dream to leave this city!! and head North in the Barrie Orillia area, to build or purchase a tiny home!! I’m sick of being hostage to high rent fees and expensive Condo’s , l know this movement is growing and can only hope this becomes a wave of the future! for people to choose this option if they so desire!! but due to code restrictions for some areas and not much floating around out there!! I’m beginning to wonder if this is at all possible!! nobody seems to have answers!! if anybody does l would be greatful to get where it’s stands so far today!! and hope in the future it gets a lot more easier with vast information!! l know in Canada this trend seem to be of great interest to many and l would love to be a part of it in moving forward with my dreams coming true!! Thanks Debbie

    • Hi Deborah, You should seriously consider looking into communikindred. They are going to be right where you want to be and they are on track to getting this in place very soon!

      • Sara

        I’m just looking at the communikindred and am I correct in stating it is going to be in the Aurora area? I’m looking for a place to park my to be tiny home in the Orillia/Barrie area as I work in that area? Any leads yet for that area?

  29. jmart

    We have a lot in hunstville. We. We’re just told by the township of hunstville on that we can not park our RV trailer on the lot and you would have to move it when it’s not in use. Can someone help us with info on this matter. We had RVS on the lot for many years and now they are saying we will be getting fines having the RV parked on our lot.

  30. Elaine

    I just came across this site. It might be of interest to some of you

    • Hi Elaine, from all reports that I have had this appears to be a scam.

      • lindalou001

        Hi Laura – I can’t seem to find a way to get to reply to “Henry” re his Muskoka planned tiny house community. I get tossed into never never land every time I try to reply to a post. Can you send me the link please? Thanks. Linda


      • CommuniKindred in Ontario

        Toronto, ON
        205 CommuniKins

        Communikindred: Sometimes things just fit. We believe there are kindred, family and friends, who we just haven’t met yet. The opportunity is here for like-minded people to mak…

        Check out this Meetup Group →

      • hi Lindalou. & Thanks , Laura for posting the link .We are very actively networking and hoping to co-purchase by Spring. We had a great meeting a few days ago, with about 9 folks who were fairly definite about committing , and they each have one or 2 friends who will come next weekend to meet the rest of us who are already pledged. Some are opting for more than the min. buy-in occupancy of half-acre. Not sure if i have mentioned it here before….that we plan to build any number of tinyhomes with/without wheels right on site, showing the different options, assisting DIY ers , and reducing their costs. Those who are iikeminded and serious to acquire their space and meet/mingle, are welcome to join us on feb. 21 and/or feb 28. Please confirm thru the website, asap….limited space.

      • You are most welcome! Glad to see you moving forward on this! 😀 L

    • Ellen

      Try Strong Township, Ont. You can buy a lot and get licensed occupancy for a trailer.

      • Ellen

        Did anyone follow Norfolk County and their approval of trailers licensed and on wheels as something they can not legally stop under the Highways traffic Act? You can park and live in and no one can stop you according to their legal council.

      • Hi Ellen, I wonder if you have a link to the story?
        Because I am not from there, and I don’t live there, I don’t follow the news. I have not been able to find anything on Google and would appreciate your assistance.

        Kind regards,

  31. Zach

    I really want to build a tiny home but I cannot find suitable land in my area. (North Bay and area)
    Would love to hear from someone who has found a place or has land they would share. (I would gladly pay to be there!!!)

    • Hi Zach, Please also post this to the THO Facebook site. I will share it there and see if you get some response.
      Good luck! L

    • Hello Zach, we are still actively intent on a property co-purchase by summer in the north muskoka area. This would be private 1/2 acre plots or more, surrounded by a huge wooded acreage , in the context of a likeminded community. Let’s chat to see if we fit.

      • lindalou001

        I would also be interested! Please keep me in the loop – thanks ! Linda from Barrie, ON

      • Hi Lindalou001:
        Best way to stay informed and be part of the project is to join the website. As yet there is no obligation, but at the end of the year, for the first time there will be a membership fee. We’re updating frequently and posting a survey very soon to all who are on the site’s member-list.

      • Hi Linda, Yes please join Henry’s group so that I won’t have to deliver messages back and forth between you. I am a member there and I can assure you that you won’t be getting spammed and I believe that this is a legitimate group. Wishing you the best, Laura THO

      • Valerie

        Hi Henry l have been interested in the tiny house movement and would be interested in hearing from you soon

      • Hello Valerie, thanks for your messg. Had we already started a conversation? Sorry if i’ve lost track…there’s been a lot of response. We’ve been sending out our website link to all inquiries as a prerequisite reading and update info. Our intent is to gather enough supporting shareholders by spring/summer to start our village. The survey on our homepage gives a quick pic for your review.
        Let us know if you have questions after that? regards… henry

        CommuniKindred in Ontario

        Toronto, ON
        205 CommuniKins

        Communikindred: Sometimes things just fit. We believe there are kindred, family and friends, who we just haven’t met yet. The opportunity is here for like-minded people to mak…

        Check out this Meetup Group →

  32. Enna

    Need information on rules and regulations in Ontario, does it differ by each city looking to live maybe outside or close to the GTA and where one can live in a tiny mobile home in Ontario any links would be helpful please

    • Hi Ena. Yes, each municipality is unique, some allow “garden suites” up North of Toronto. But legislative changes from a few years ago are FINALLY having a little impact and some municipalities are starting to make the changes that thousands of us are calling for.
      Please use the SEARCH window on this page which is left just below the banner. Put in key works such as Toronto, bylaws, and legal as well as your municipality and neighbouring municipality names. Also use this feature for any other questions that you may have. Also have a look at my Facebook page. There are two recent articles posted there by Andrew Thomson which you should read which have to do with these changes and how they work in our favour (finally). I do not know which municipalities have set what. I have put out a call for help with setting an electronic mechanism up, but so far no techie volunteer has come forward, and without a way to keep this information there is no way for me to house it for all you hopeful people who look to me for answers.
      if after you have read up, you have any specific questions please put them on Facebook and I will share so that others in the community who may have your answers can help. Also, after you have read and come to understand some things, CALL your municipality BEFORE you spend money. It is best if you are self educated on the topic, so that you can ask the right questions, if that makes any sense.
      Good luck!

  33. Chris

    Hi, I am brand new to following this blog. I live in London, ON and just bought a small piece of property in Shrewsbury, ON to build my “tiny house” on. I see someone named Thomas who has replied to several comments here and I was wondering if there is any way of getting in touch with him? He lives in London as well and is building a tiny house here. I would love to find out how he got started and the kind of restrictions (if any) put on him. If anyone can help put me in touch with him and/or are from southwestern Ontario, please leet me know. Thanks;

    Chris A

    • Hey Chris, I think the best way for you to do this is to directly reply this to Thomas in one of the threads and then when I approve it, he will get a notification.
      Thanks for reading.
      I also have a Facebook page and there was a tread about two weeks ago on there – all people from London and area. So many RIGHT THERE who want tiny houses… The municipality, so far is NOT budging. I wonder if you could, or would consider rezoning your property to whatever that area calls a trailer park? If you did this, you could simply accept only tiny houses and you would be the pioneer to the movement in that area.

      • There is definite interest in southwestern Ontario

      • Lorraine Lagasse

        Hello Laura,
        I am also from London, ON and I reside here. I am looking to build a Tiny House, in or around the area. Your idea about someone starting up a community on property they have bought outside of London, ON is wonderful. If you know of anyone whom has started such an area would you please send me or have them contact me.

      • susan s.

        hi, I would join Chris also..

    • Thomas

      Hi there Chris I’m Thomas from London Ontario. Email address is neovingians@gmail.com
      I’ll answer any questions you have and my face book is Tiny Abodes.


      • Chris Aris

        Thank you so much. I will email you this weekend. I’m in London, ON too.


    • Dee.T.

      Hello there Cris. Also in London and interested in the movement.. Wondering how you made out and if you are happy with your decision. Thanks in advance

  34. Pingback: Where can I build a tiny house in Ontario? | Tiny House Ontario

  35. Gerry Thibeault

    I believe you could live in a boat moored in a dock legally – I also believe and have known people who have lived in their boats when they where dry docked at the marina for the winter – an association of sorts may need to be created to change some laws… just a thought

    • Yes you could – but of course a lot of Canada is much to cold for this.

      • I’m nickpicking,but…I live on the west coast. I have lived in a sailboat year round. It is the last frontier of free living and many still do it. Very rarely does it get below 5 degrees C here.

      • Awesome! Too, I have to say your work is absolutely gorgeous! ❤ Laura

  36. Fred

    Hi henry I would love to join your group and contribute…I am in the process of building a tiny home on wheels too and my only stumbling block is finding a permanent lot to park it on and live year round in it

    • Hi Fred,… You’re welcome to explore our website if you haven;t found it already.

      CommuniKindred in Ontario

      Toronto, ON
      205 CommuniKins

      Communikindred: Sometimes things just fit. We believe there are kindred, family and friends, who we just haven’t met yet. The opportunity is here for like-minded people to mak…

      Check out this Meetup Group →

    • Hi. I have a 100-acre property in Muskoka I’ve let friends and groups camp on & hold events over the last couple decades. Currently working on finding out how to set aside a few acres for a tiny home park/community, nestled into a forested setting, with paths and trails in all directions.
      You can see what the estate looks like at http://www.wilderhaven.ca
      It’s located in Muskoka, about half way between Huntsville & Bracebridge. If we had enough interested participants, I’m hoping to move forward with this early next year.

      • I hope that Henry who is the above commenter sees this. I thinking that you might be able to work something out.

      • That’s a beautiful project you’ve created in a lovely part of the country!
        Do you already have campground/retreat status , and would you then extend that to the tiny addition next season?
        Most of our members are looking for an ultimately permanent location even if they are seasonal for the time being while building their space and dwelling. It’s all a matter of the details.
        Once you know what you can offer within municipal compliance, i can fwd. your contact info to those who may be interested. Most also want sufficient soil available for high degree of self sustaining food.
        I’d love to connect with you when we both have time. (may be making a trip in that direction within the next month…depending on our property developments.)
        For more non-public exchange, i can be contacted through our secure email : communikindred.team@gmail.com

        cheers, henry

      • lindalou001

        I am very interested if you develop the area where tiny/small houses could have space on your acreage. Please keep me posted! I live close – Barrie area but am thinking of downsizing and the tiny house movement has my intrigued.

      • You may want to join this group… they will not be in Barrie but north of Muskoka… so not so far away from your ideal… really http://www.meetup.com/communikindred-in-ontario/

      • Thomas

        I’d like to find out more about the potential for parking a Tiny House as I’m currently building one here in London Ontario and used to work in northern Ontario for years. My email is ******* and my name is Thomas and my first home will be done in Feb. 2016


      • I think that London is rough. You are not the only one who wants to find a place there and so far they have been less than forthcoming. Have a look at THO on Facebook, and you will see that there is a thread in the last few weeks about London. Sadly it is not very helpful and I don’t have any suggestion except that there are a lot of you and perhaps together you could buy a trailer park with the correct zoning.

      • Hi Thomas, we are still seeking shareholders for our proposed village of tiny houses in north Muskoka.
        We thought we’d get started by this fall, but it looks more like next spring now…if we can make the last hurdle to purchase-pledges before then. It’s an ideal time cost-wise. You’re welcome to contact us for more details.

      • Thomas

        I’m interested so please send a URL and I’ll go from there.
        Tiny Abodes

      • Thomas when you join the meet up you will get all of the info from the group via email and can join the meetings virtually. http://www.meetup.com/communikindred-in-ontario/

      • ThatWackyDogLady

        hello. Do you still have this property and are looking for people insterested in parking their homes on it? i’m considering about living in a trailer for the warm months this year and im looking for property.

  37. Ellen Boyce

    You can live in a Trailer on a vacant lot in Norfolk County. Call and ask the City Managers . This county welcomes anything on wheels and licensed on vacant land. Norfolk County , Ontario is more than willing to become one county where you should be FREE to enjoy your own property as you see fit forget bylaws. As one councilor said there are too many GD laws in the country. Now picture your own home or cottage surrounded by trailers of any caliber and see what happens to the value of your home or cottage. I am totally seeing that is decimates one’s investment.

    • You make a really good point about what these restrictions are about. What I do wonder is, could a council (theoretically) not judge each building permit application on it’s own merits? Would my property value be driven down by a bunch of 1980 Golden Falcon trailers? Very likely. Would it be driven down by a bunch of well built, beautiful tiny homes? Possibly, but one assumes less likely. Technically as far as the bylaws are concerned they are the same thing. But if the process allowed for judgement on the merits of the design as opposed to arbitrary size restrictions, these impacts on property values could be mitigated. I would theorize, anyway.

      • Since house size is not a safety issue, it is not set by the Canadian building code, municipalities should not be allowed to set the sizes of homes high. Some municipalities have house size minimums set at 1500 square feet.
        I am of the opinion that there are a lot of things that should be set to code. For example that the windows face south and the soffits be deep for passive solar heat in the winter in order to save energy. Another would be that every home have south west facing windows in order to catch the breeze (cool) as the planet rotates – another energy saver. There are plenty of good things in the codes, like insulation, safe electrical wiring and fire alarms.
        As for individual judgement… I don’t agree. What is beautiful to you, may not be beautiful to your neighbour, but if we each own land and we each pay taxes why should the pig who is consuming so much of the planet in his 3000 square foot monstrosity think that they should be the one who sits in judgement? Lowering the property value… I think this is far less important than lowering our shared air quality and using up our shared planet’s resources.

  38. Miranda MacLean

    I am looking at a project that will be moving very quickly. The home is being built on a 25 foot trailer bed, and will be about 180 square feet, plus potential loft space
    I recognize that there are no legal scenarios for living in a tiny home in Ontario, and that finding a place for the home is wholly my responsibility – I currently live in Owen Sound, Ontario, and do not want to move any more than 25-30 KM outside of town.
    The budget for the project will be in the range of $45-55,000, including an off-grid energy system, composting toilet, rainwater collection & treatment and a complete heating system
    I would have to commit to this project, draft spec sheet, budget and contract very quickly, but finding the information about how I will safely be able to live in my tiny home, seems extremely hard, and I am worried about not getting correct information – signing onto having the build done, and than not being able to actually LIVE in my home. There are a few places around Owen Sound, like Whispering Pines, that people have RVs at, I guess also KOA all year around, would I not be able to lease or rent a lot? Or stay in a RV place for the warmer months, and than move to a wintering RV place, or a place that rents cabins. Ideally staying in one place would be great. We have a place called Lincoln park that is considered a trailer home. Would that be an option, And we have family owned land, that relatives keep there RV’s – which have structures that are build and remain year round, and used year round. Could we not use that land if our relatives were aright with it.? Any how that is a lot of questions, I am very excited, and want this so very badly, that getting the answers quickly and correctly is going to be a key. My email address is mirandamaclean@ymail.com should anyone wish to email me in this regard.

  39. Hi Chris:
    We are a forming intentional ecommunity in Ontario, in our 3rd year of acquainting with each other and close to getting land. Our preferred dwellings are tinyhouses on wheels, but shareholders can construct any type which is code-safe, and environmentally sound.
    Our members are spread out over the gta, and further, so it hasn’t been easy to meet everyone face/face regularly. We have a website and chatroom meetings for updates.

    • Henry, I am sorry, I keep forgetting about your community! It is not intentional! I should make yours part of my Canadian Tiny Homes post – under a new heading :proposed community. Would this work for you? I should probably include a little blurb – include where you are hoping to be, how many you are hoping to have and whatever else you think is important. If you are agreeable to this and you make one for me, I will add this info to that post.
      Kind regards

      • Thanks Laura,… that would be a great service to those seeking this particular community context beyond living frugally, but in interdependence with others of consensed likemindedness.
        We’re currently hovering around an opportunity to buy a particular property, if/when it gets re-listed, and there is another potential contingency property.
        Of course, it requires more funds to be ready to offer, and so we’ve expanded our base-offering of lifetime-lease plots to include actual shares in the project for those who seek real property-value based investment. Several of us are keen to get started this season to at least create a secure base from which we can actually build tiny onsite, on/off wheels to reduce expense,and including some yurts. More to you privately, soon.

    • Fred Childs

      Hi I am in the process of building a tiny home on wheels ….my biggest stumbling block is acquiring land to live in it permanently…I would like to join and contribute to your group if you would include me

  40. Mike

    If anyone is interested in a large acreage of unorganized township land just north of North Bay, I have it for sale right now. Including a house, drilled water well, septic system and hydro. Hydro and septic system have been inspected and approved. Any additional buildings or community buildings could be off grid and placed anywhere within the two quarter sections. I wouldn’t mind keeping a spot for myself.

    • Hey Mike, You can list it on the land store. http://www.thelandstore.ca… if you are interested in selling a share of it so you can stay there send me the link once you have posted and a blurb to let me know what you want for a share… and how many shares you are selling…

    • Mike

      Patrick, you are correct, regardless of where you build you must follow the building code, that is the law. Not the Ontario Building Code but the National Building code. Now, the kicker is that there is no one to get a building permit from or for that matter to come and inspect the building at the different inspection times. I have completed a few building on my property and have only had to get ESA for electrical and Health Department for the septic system to come out. It really is a weird situation but one that I love, seeing that my taxes for 293 acres is only about 350$ per year, and that is with waterfront.

      Laura, your post about shares and what not is very interesting and one I will consider. I am currently working up in Nunavut and will be back home in June, which is when I plan on starting to put everything together for either an out right sale or, as you suggest, shares. I would really like to hear from others that would be interested to help me make up my mind as to which way to go.

      • Chris

        we live in Elmvale and are looking for like minded folks who want a tiny home community. Any help would be great.

      • I am not sure what to tell you. I am not familiar with the community at all. You could check on my blog at the Canadian Tiny Houses post to see if there are close ones. You could check to see if there is a meet up group, or start one yourself. There is likely to be enthusiasm in other groups that are interested in environmental issues and perhaps even food/gardening groups.
        I guess that is all that I can think of.
        Good luck to you Chris!
        ❤ Laura

    • Hello Mike, i’d be interested in more details too, as some of our members may prefer to go further north than where most of us are planning this season. Thanks for telling us your experience there.

    • Hi Mike! My partner and I are from North Bay and would love to take a peek at your property. Can you send us an email with info to Hello@Euphoriclens.com or on our facebook page “Euphoriclens”

      Much appreciated and excited to hear from you!

  41. Patrick McAuley

    It is my understanding from working my way through the maze in Ontario. Unorganized townships can have their own requirements. Some have no restrictions, some have a few. That being said, in Ontario regardless of where you plan to build, if your going to live in the structure year round you have to follow the OBC, you still need a permit from the province and inspections, because they have to issue you the “Occupancy Permit” to allow you to actually live in the structure. OBC doesn’t specify a certain size of building, but it does specify minimum room size requirements. It also specifies the new energy efficiency requirements which you have to meet. This has to be verified by a third party, who can perform blower door tests for air leakage. There have also been higher standards for septic systems. However, there are routes for Composting toilets and gray water recovery. You also need approval from the local health or conservation board for your waste plan. The best thing for anyone in Ontario to do, is start by reading section 9 of the OBC. This section deals with building a dwelling to live in. My info is from the most recent OBC 2012, which has requirements that come into effect thru 2016. Section 9 is available online from many sources. The Ontario Gov website also explains building in unorganized townships. The info available is pretty brief.

    • So,Patrick… this still doesn’t apply to a tiny house on wheels, right? As it’s an RV, do you need an occupancy permit in an unorganized region?
      I’m assuming therefore that even the energy efficiency need not be tested in a TH, as you don’t need a building permit in the first place. Most are more efficient than a (larger) house anyway, especially if built with SIPS. Or , will its verified efficiency convince officials that they won’t find you frozen solid in the spring thaw.? 🙂
      Then , it still leaves the unclear issue in some regions, of accepting composting toilets over septic.
      However, in the unorganized region where we are planning to have our ecovillage, the person in charge of the regional bylaws said that we could have outhouses….which are far worse environmentally than well-done composting.
      Fetching water from a nearby source should be an individual decision, not an “legal” deterrent of frugal living.

      • Patrick McAuley

        Mike and Henry: My post doesn’t apply to RV’s or anything on wheels.

        Originally my hope was to find an unorganized township in which I could build an off grid 12 x 24 cabin, which I could live in year round. Unfortunately, if your larger than 9 x 12 (108 sq ft) you have to get a permit through the province and build to code. (which I would do anyway) Even if your in an unorganized township. So size of structure is the first issue as to whether a permit to build is required. If you have to get a permit, then the purpose of the building comes into play. As soon as your building a year round residence, you are building to section 9 OBC standards which are pretty much the same as the national code.

        It all comes down to requiring an “Occupancy Permit” to live in the structure year round, which comes from the province. I can’t imagine the province issuing an Occupancy Permit, without inspection. Mike, I think you just lucked out. Mind you, all our provincial government really wants is to get your contact info and get you on their tax roll to fund the mess they’ve created.

      • Hi Patrick, just to interject here a little bit myself… 108 is the rule in my township but this number varies in Ontario 96, 98, 100, 108, 110 and 120 are some of the other square foot (footprints) that are allowed. You have to check with your own township. If you are really lucky you might live in a 120…

      • Yes, that’s what i thought, Patrick. I was hinting that you could have more square footage in a tinyhouse on wheels than the 100,108, or 120 sq’ bunkies options.
        In our intentional community, we are open to all options as long as they are eco-compliant.
        Over time, as we see which way legislation goes, we would build more elaborately.

        Our current buy-in options start at 1ac./3k, 2ac./4k, and 3ac./5k. ….as private, lifelong, inheritable, sellable lease-sites on which you build your own private dwelling, in the greater context of a very large Commons ecommunity, in free association.

  42. The question most important question I have is this.
    Is it possible to build an eco village with multiple structures ?
    I would like to have a central kitchen and dining lodge with a few circles of individual homes of differing sizes.
    I would like to have the village grow but right now am thinking 15 to 20 homes around the lodge
    A barn, chicken coops and a few walipini greenhouses

    • What you are speaking about is an intentional community. As a matter of fact, I was just at a meeting at a property in Ontario where they were discussing just this kind of idea. I think that the property needs to have a special sort of status. Purchasing an already established resort, makes getting around most of the red tape, pretty inconsequential. All you need is some money and others who are interested in this sort of lifestyle. I would say that currently there are thousands of people who would love to get in on the ground floor of such things.
      The meeting that I was at, was called and 30 individuals who are seriously interested all showed up to discuss the HOW, WHEN, WHY, WHAT questions.
      May I ask you Harold, what area are you in and do you have others in your community who would have the skills and goals that match your own?

  43. If I want to build an EcoVillage in unorganized who would I need to contact?

    • I am not sure Harold. It is a great idea! Let me know what your plans are.
      I will email you back with your permission, (in about a week) when I am on grid again maybe we can discuss what you have and what I know.
      Kind regards,

  44. Jason Raynor

    I am curious about the line between the definitions of a RV vs. a Mobile Home. It seems that some municipalities define them separately where-as others do not have any definition for Mobile Homes. Under what conditions do Tiny Homes built on trailers meet these definitions? Is a trailer built home considered an RV as long as it is on wheels? If the wheels are removed and it is set on a foundation or other support structure is it considered a mobile home (or even a “Dwelling” because there is no definition for “Mobile Home” on that municipalities books)? If a trailer tiny home is on a foundation and connected to a septic tank what is it considered then?

    • I will take a stab at clarifying.
      I think RV or Recreational Vehicle covers several different kinds of things, such as motorhomes, snow machines, ATV’s and so on. The Motor home is simply one category of the RV.

      I think that a mobile home and motor home are not the same thing. A motor home is built to move around some have motors of their own and others are towed. Whereas, a mobile home is built to be moved to and set on a permanent or semi-permanent location. What I mean is that a mobile home is one of the houses that are brought in already built, they look similar to a trailer but set onto a foundation or a basement. I don’t believe that a mobile home is considered an RV.

      Tiny houses on wheels are considered an RV, yes, but I think that the ones that are set on a foundation are not be considered a mobile home because they are not mobile.

      Tiny houses that are brought in on a trailer and removed from the wheels and set on a foundation or a slab should be considered pre-fabricated. They don’t differ greatly from my house which was built on site.

  45. Anonymous

    leave the poor people alone

  46. Leida

    You can find the minimum allowable square footage outlined in the zoning bylaws of most communities.

    • Yes, you can, but I am not going to do that. It makes more sense for individuals do do it for the communities that they are interested in.

  47. awesome blueberry

    Hi. are these homes safe in Canadian weather please?

    • I think that they are as safe as any other house. Clearly, it depends on putting in a good quality heating system and being mindful if you are heating with propane or wood, just the same as you would in a full sized house.

    • Depends on what type you build

  48. Great point Susan. I had started to add as much however then thought I would need to explain what an unorganized township is…and I have enough trouble with brevity already!
    Similarly, reserves are not subject to ordinary Code and land use provisions, so they too offer more opportunities to explore different forms of housing.

  49. Hi Laura, I have begun reading your posts recently with interest (and applause)!
    A quick added response for your readers. The National Building Code and its Ontario counterpart (OBC) largely dictate only the methods and materials by which a structure must be built.

    Allowable land uses – ie. size, location, type, occupancy of buildings – are instead dictated by land use policies, which are captured not by the Code but rather by Official Plans and their method of implementation, Zoning By-Laws.

    Ordinarily a property/lot must first have an approved primary building (ie. in residential zoning, a primary residence) before a secondary or accessory building is permitted. Since you have constructed what sound like is a theoretical accessory building, it must be that your municipality allows accesory buildings even before a primary building has been constructed on an otherwise undeveloped lot/property. Yay for that!

    On developed property (ie. that which already has an approved primary building), in Ontario at least, all muncipalities are now required to develop policies in their Official Plan to permit “garden suites” or “granny flats” as secondary uses on residentially zoned property, subject of course to many restrictions and caveats. In Guelph (where I live/operate) I think that such structures can be applied for on any single family or semi-detached residential lot but not on townhouse lots, condos or (unsurprisingly) on low, mid or high rise residential lots, though the structure must still meet ordinary requirements such as set back from lot line, special conditions for building size etc. Aside from applicable zoning, I believe that most such approvals are granted on a 3 year basis, renewable at each anniversary if all original approval conditions still remain true.

    So accessory buildings usually have small allowable footprints (100sq ft+/-) and low maximum heights (such as the 15′ in your instance, which as you note is actually pretty liberating for a tiny house!) though ordinarily (your instance appears a jurisdiction-specific exception) only permitted after a primary building has been approved and constructed. Accessory buildings almost never however are permitted as full time residential structures, though as you also note, they can’t restrict the number of occasions during whcih you stay there (instead they will tend to dissallow water/waste functions as a means of limiting residential occupancy)

    Garden/granny suites on the other hand have larger allowable footprints (usually a function of a % of the adjacent primary building or lot size) and are specifically intended/approved for fulltime residential occupancy however they are generally considered temporary (ie. application needs to be renewed every several years) – though for tiny house afficionados this shouldn’t prove an issue in of itself. As is usually the case for accessory buildings, I would expect that all garden suites must accompany a primary residence elsewhere somewhere on the lot.

    I describe the above from my knowledge as a builder asked to assist people to do what you are doing (and sadly too often having to advise that our bylaws tend to be more restrictive than in much of the US, northern Ontario or Vancouver for that matter). Of course, aside from what is permitted, there are plenty of “guerrilla buildings” and zoning by-laws tend to be enforced on a complaints basis, so if tucked away in a woodlot at the end of a long drive, who is to know… 😉

    Thanks so much for demonstrating what IS possible (possibly aside from what bureaucracy might vies as allowable)!

    • Verena

      Thank you so much for this fantastic answer! I am planning to build a tiny house which I would like to put on the double lot of my mother’s home to enable her to stay in the home she loves without having to have someone living with her, until she does want/need that. So it would be a granny flat of sorts. The township she lives in has proven to not be supportive at all of any such option and this helps me with some facts.

    • Annie McPhee

      I found this information very helpful. I too am in Guelph and am having a very difficult time figuring out how to begin in this area. Obviously I can’t even look at buying land that I may not even be able to build on. My list is getting longer, and what I once thought was an easily attainable goal, now has me a bit stuck :O

  50. headstanddreamer

    Thanks for a great answer to a difficult question! It may not be the answer we may want (why, yes, of course you can build your tiny home wherever you like!) — but you offered a knowledgeable overview and a great starting point.

    • Susan Arscott

      HI Laura,

      I noticed that nobody has mentioned that some things are less restricted when you are in an unorganized township. You can build whatever size you like and don’t need a building permit.I am in the process of looking for land in unorganized townships here in Ontario.

      • Mike Emberson

        Unorganized townships was mentioned in above posting but here is a little more info on that. In an unorganized township you can build what ever you like wherever you like on your property, but you must build to the National Code. That being said the kicker here is that there is no building inspector that will come and approve or not approve your different inspections. Now when it comes to hydro the ESA must inspect your wiring, both rough in and final if you want to be connected to the grid. As well if you want a septic system installed you must get local heath office approval first. So the only two permits that are required in an unorganized township are ESA [Electrical Safety Authority] and Health Department for sewage. If you plan on living off grid you may get away from a ESA inspection if you don’t ask for one but to be safe why would you do that. In the case of the health department approval for a septic system I don’t know if you require a permit for a gray water system if you plan on using a compost toilet. All that said I own a large acreage of over 200 acres and I am thinking about a Tiny House Community. Currently I have a year round house with grid tied hydro, well water and septic system. Lake and river frontage. My concern is that I am about one hour north of North Bay – how many people want to live this far north in a Tiny House Community. Remember we are speaking to a small niche of people, Tiny House people.

      • Hi Susan, ..wondering if you have found land yet.? We are still actively seeking likeminded folks for our identified property, hoping to start this summer with infrastructure and home base, …between huntsville and north bay.

      • susan

        hi, if you do let me know!

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