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Thank you Alain for sharing this with us. Another tiny house community is going in in the USA.  This is exactly what I am talking about! In fact, the image of this community is almost exactly the way that I would envision a pilot community in Hamilton (or anywhere, really) would look. You all know […]

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Before the Christmas holidays I sent a letter out to Mr. Ted McMeekin who is the Minister for Housing in Ontario.  Here is some of what I said:   … For the last number of years however, I been heavily involved in the tiny house community as a writing activist. It is due to these […]

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Money, Money, Money

I always put off doing the figures for the 1/2 year because this makes me crazy!  Financial stuff is so darn boring and always so bleak! Last night when I was doing the figures for this year Hj exclaimed “that is a lot of money” and of course he is right.  THO has cost $92,703 […]

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Second Major Off-Grid Electric Purchase of 2012

I went to Brewer’s Marine in Hamilton yesterday afternoon and I have to say, it is a very cool store for a Tiny Houser like myself.  Sadly, their webpage does NOT do them justice at all – it is not navigable unless you know who makes what you need.  Still, they are very nice in […]

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In-House Adaptation: Already!

I bought a Separett Privy kit a few months ago and installed it at first into a small second hand cupboard that I bought for 7 bucks at a junk store.  I thought at the time that this was very ideal because I could open it at the side to remove soil.  This did not work […]

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