A Very Special Guest

I have lived a few places in my life, and quite a number of people who I love are movers.  This makes me one of those people who have loved ones scattered around the planet.

A couple of years ago when I started this blog, it was so that I could explain in one breath exactly what I was up to (building a tiny house).  One of THO’s most loyal blog followers and certainly one of the friends for whom I started this blog is my sister friend Donna.  We shared a lot of words over a long time when things were a little less easy for both of us.

Well… she is visiting from Jamaica and graced THO (and me) with a visit.   We had a nice lunch, a long drive, and a look around the house and gardens.

Beautiful Donna at THO

You have no idea how much I wanted to keep her… but she has a life elsewhere… She has to get back to it, I know.  Still… you know… I miss her already.

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11 thoughts on “A Very Special Guest

  1. I am very happy for both of you.

  2. strivingfortiny

    What a great blog post 😀 ❤
    Heartfelt and delightful ❤

  3. Anonymous

    Nice to have people you could keep at least for a short while. Well said and a good little read! Thanks.

  4. Such a heartwarming entry! I really enjoy following your blog! Thank you!

  5. Enjoyed your “radio” program. We are planning to build a small house on Wolfe Island. I know from your blog (which I have been following for about a year) that you come here from time to time. Any chance we could hook up for a chat

    • Hi Linda, I am painting at the market square in Kingston and am there on every sunny Saturday. Pop by and introduce yourself.
      Best to you and your wonderful island home!

      • Yes – I will! Also want to check out the prints you have of your paintings and of course the originals. I stopped by the store in Portsmouth a few times last year but you had not put them in there at that time. Take care – L

      • Ah, I am sorry I missed you! The store owner told me you had been by just a couple of hours before I set the show up. There is one already set up at the Mug and Truffle Chocolate Cafe on King between Brock and Princess. So when you are at the market you could pop in there too. They have wonderful coffee and treats!
        Best to you until we meet,

      • Hi Laura: i will be in the area tomorrow so will try to pop in to the store. We get title to our land tomorrow. Yeah! Now the work begins. Unlike you – we do not have any trees to speak of – only huge mounds of top soil that needs to be spread out. We planted trees 40 years ago and they are gorgeous where we now live. In this new place, we must start from scratch, knowing we will not live long enough to see a canopy.We’ll meet one of these days. L

      • I will not be at the market tomorrow. I am sorry, I have another commitment. But if you stop in at the cafe I hope you will take a moment to relax. They are so nice in there. A new forest to plant eh? I would love this challenge! I would put in so many varieties all to attract bees from early to late and then fruits and nuts and so on and so on! What a pleasure this would be!
        See you soon,

  6. How nice to have time with a treasured friend and could share your home with her.

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