Gypsy Caravan

UPDATE:  (June 24, 2013) Bear has sold this caravan.  He is currently building another that can be towed behind a modern vehicle.  I plan on going down to give him a day when the rain slows – I imagine I will learn much.
If you are interested in a caravan, please contact Bear because he is considering taking orders.  Thanks!  Laura
The cook stove darkened from the light of the doorwayThere is a wonderful caravan for sale.
It is a five year old traditionally built utilitarian gypsy caravan. It is 6x 12 feet and built on an original 1905 McLaughlin undercarriage.  The McLaughlin undercarriage is significant, because this was designed specifically to carry glass milk bottles on rough roads.  The ride on this wagon is very smooth and comfortable when compared to other gypsy wagons.
This wagon has ample storage.  It is located under the double bed platform, under the double bench seats and also along the wall there is a shelved cupboard which is pictured below.
There is a hide away table which has a checker/chess board painted on.
The one small contemporary convenience is a small unobtrusive installation of a solar light.
A gypsy wagon is not built to be pulled behind a vehicle. It is designed to go horse speed.  In fact Maurice “Bear” Leger, the man who built this caravan, has lived and traveled thousands of kilometres in this manner. You can read and see more about him and his lifestyle here and here.
The front can be removed so that a team or yoke hook up can be put on the front.  (this means that if you wish to use two horses to pull it or if you want to pull it short distances with a contemporary vehicle you can do so.
If you wish to move it long distances, the wagon can be transported on a flatbed or behind a 1500 (or larger) pound horse.
The covering tarp on the wagon is military grade and therefore should last for tens of years, but like all gypsy wagons this is removable when it comes time for ordinary upkeep.
The wagon has a wood stove, but it is not insulated, rather it is built in the old way with pretty interior panels and a covering tarp.  When the winter comes to those who choose the traditional lifestyle, a field is located, 200 bales of hay are ordered and delivered and when they come they are stuffed under the wagon and piled around it.  Only the front and rear end are left open for the light.  The hay is fed one bale at a time to the horse and by spring… when the insulation and the feed are gone the wagon is pulled away.
This wagon was not used this winter as Bear has had to leave this lifestyle behind; however when we went back to see it on Easter morning it was dry as a bone inside.
The current location of the wagon is between Kingston and Gananoque, Ontario.
The asking price is $6,000  Canadian Dollars.
You can contact Bear here, or you can also leave your details in the comment section below and I will pass a message on to Bear.
You can also look at the listing here and from this link you will find a place to email Bear directly.
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8 thoughts on “Gypsy Caravan

  1. Wondering if Bear could reach out to me.. I have some questions !!

  2. Tim

    One of the coolest stories I have read in ages. My wife and I have been talking about doing basically the same thing. Though I have no Bardic skills, when I am not driving my rig, I am in the woods or on the water. Very inspiring.

  3. elizabethtwist

    Hey Laura! I’m so glad I dropped by here to learn about Bear and to see how you’re doing. Sounds like it’s well worth getting to know him. Thanks for sharing.

  4. A lovely caravan!

  5. The end of an era? So sad to know, especially after just being introduced to him, that Bear is headed in another direction. Only strength and best wishes to you Bear! Your Caravan is beautiful, I’m certain someone very special will buy it.

    • Bear is available for story telling and he also teaches traditional courses. If you have the possibility of getting up to meet him and take a course, I highly recommend that you do so. Meeting Bear is a life altering experience.

      • Terry Stewart

        Does he still play music? He had expressed interest in playing at the Perth Kilt Run on Saturday June 22 … but have not heard back to confirm? Terry Stewart (personal data removed) thanks!

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