Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings?

Tiny House Ontario, is always in transition.  When I go back there in the morning I think that Leo will have some things done there.  I am not 100% sure because I have not reached him.  I hope he will have the rest of the siding up as well as the eves trough, j-trim and facia.  If he was there, I have to fix the cloth porch.

If everything above is done, as far as the rest of this year goes there are a few small plans which I would like to see done.  This is to hook up the rain barrel and hook up the solar system.  We may also install a stove, but this has yet to be seen.

Left on the agenda for next years are some big jobs, such as, the well and pump install, the hickory floors cut, hand hewn and installed, the kitchen install and the stone patio with walkways.   I already know that I want to have a small clay oven on the patio but I saw a photo today which makes me believe that I may also need to have an arbour on this patio.  I would strongly prefer that the pillars be from fallen trees from my land and that the arbour have a canvas water repellant roof.

Any thing I have forgotten or should consider?




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2 thoughts on “Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings?

  1. Vicki Formosa

    Hi Laura

    Reading your posts and they are amazing. I have been bugging my husband to do this for the past couple of years. Hes a carpenter. We built our home in 2004 but we are putting it up for sale next month and we have no plans right now. I THINK we should take the money and buy another piece of land, live in my fathers guest house and build over time. No debt and learn as we go. Planning is necessary but things always change and grow. I would love to live and not be part of society as it is now. I love to be outside, paint, write and bake/cook, but using up 10 hours everyday to survive is silly. I would love to be able to live and survive without the worry of paying these huge utility bills. I would love to wake up and spend the time doing what we want. I understand working is part of life and I love to work, but I love to work doing what I want. My husband is a carpenter and can do anything he puts his mind too. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    Love your website. With love & gratitude, Vicki

    • Thank you very much Vicki! It sounds like you have the will and your husband has the skills, to make the life you dream of. A little at a time is frustrating for some people and even for me at times. I mean, I wish often that I had a well and my heat was in, I get impatient to push things to the next level. Still, I know that trying to maintain patience is a good thing because it is getting done and without debt…

      I notice your email and since you are a foodie, I think that I should also send you on to see Andrew Odom’s dreamy little kitchen in his tiny house. http://tinyhousetalk.com/family-tiny-home-interior/

      I wish you well and hope that all your dreams come true,

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