Tiny House Listings

Recently, the good people at Tiny House Listings asked me to write a guest post for their on line magazine.  They wanted me to write about what it is like to live in a Tiny House.  I chose to write more about what it is like to live inside of the ongoing Tiny House Ontario project.

I feel really happy about this opportunity.  They are a very well known site in the Tiny House Community.  I would guess that they are among the top three or four of well known Tiny House websites.  It was exciting to be asked to write for them, so exciting in fact that I made a couple of grammar errors because I did not proof read well in my excitement!  Oops!

Tiny House Listings have a website that allows people who are seeking a Tiny House of their own to shop specifically for property under 400 square feet.  They also feature other Tiny Housers and Tiny House builders on their site.

They are also on Facebook and have a load of fans!

It was nice to be asked over!

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