Randy Bachman Shopping Trip

I love Randy Bachman’s show Vinyl Tap on the CBC radio.  He is cool not just because of his own music but also because he lives in an ecological home and because he tells wonderful stories about the music of my time.  On Saturday night at the Tiny House I am always disappointed that I am missing his show.  So, this is why I bought a crank radio.

I looked around a bit after I heard that these things exist.  I never knew about them until a few weeks ago.  The one I settled on (above) was about $40 with tax at The Source.  There are a few sorts on the market, but I chose this because there are some nifty features on it.  An LED flashlight is sort of groovy but the USB port for charging the cell phone might be super handy.  It takes charge both by a little solar panel as well as by cranking it.  Seems like a pretty great little off grid gadget!

So, Mr Bachman, Tiny House Ontario will be tuning in; I bet you are happy?

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