Canadian Tiny Houses

I was very stoked when I heard from Natalie yesterday.  She is I think, the newest tiny house person in Canada.  You can see about her here.  She is located a couple of hours drive from Tiny House Ontario, in Quebec.  This is the first finished or almost finished tiny house, I have heard about since learning about Lydiah’s tiny house in Saskatoon.

I am sure there are others of us and I would very much like to add you to this list.

If you are living in a tiny house please leave a comment here or privately on the Tiny House Ontario Facebook page and I will contact you.  If you don’t want your house to be public information I will not disclose.  If you are interested I will add you to this list with a link to your blog.

Here are the Canadian tiny houses that I know about.

With Blogs or sites:

Me!  Laura Moreland, Ontario: Tiny House Ontario:

Red Door Tiny Homes: London Ontario BUILDER

Gute Shepard Huts:

Builders Henry, British Columbia: The Totems:

Heather, Manitoba: Tiny is More:  Not much up at the site yet, but the house is nearly done!

Collin and Joanna, Ontario: Our Wee House (SOLD – but story is still there):

Kat and Matt, Ontario: Hobohemians:

UNKNOWN, British Columbia: Chemical Free Tiny House:

Natalie, Quebec: Tiny Refuge:

The Leaf House, Yukon (BUILDER as well):

Kyle and Jessie Jang, Alberta: A Tiny House on the Prairies:

Newly Weds, Nova Scotia: Tiny House Nova Scotia

Derrick and Lisa, New Brunswick:

Get Tiny Michelle, British Columbia, (BUILDER):

Hornby Island Caravans

Without Blogs

The Little House (Built in 1912) UNKNOWN, Newfoundland,

The Great Escape: Deanna, New Brunswick:

Nicole, Nova Scotia:

Nicky and Judy : Tiny, Nova Scotia

Lydia, Saskatchewan: La Casita

Kirstin and husband, Calgary:

UNKNOWN, Bridge Studio, Newfoundland:

Tracy, Ontario: AWESOME TIME LAPSE Kayla, British Columbia:

Jack in the Box: Turtle Island Tiny Houses: Builder (They recently relocated their business to) British Columbia

Forest Trek Cabins, Edmonton Alberta, Builder: (Lots of skill here and some fancy looking sheds and a cottage too, but no tiny houses YET.  Let me know if you give them a try. Readers, I am sure I missed a lot, please let me know of any houses and links that you know about.  A thousand sets of eyes are always better than one.

The most Canadian Flag flying tiny house photo that I know of

The Canadian lawn chair, dead of winter, Canada

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33 thoughts on “Canadian Tiny Houses

  1. Robert Cole

    Awesome blog. I just stumbled across it. My wife and I retired 7 years ago, and we have designed and built 3 houses since then. We live on our sailboat part of the year, and in our 350 sqft granny suite when we are home in Ontario. Her parents live in the main house, and look after the place when we are away, sometimes for several months. We are now looking to build tiny and off-grid. I am playing around with some designs now, but have not made the choice as to whether to build tiny on wheels, or tiny on a foundation. Keep up the great work, I’ll be watching. Cheers. Rob.

  2. david

    I have been living in my not so tiny house (250 sqft) that I build almost 2 year ago. I live with my teenage son in Ontario, north-east of Toronto. No running water, a sawdust bucket for toilet and a wood stove. It is awesome. I saved enough money to buy a small plot of land just north of here where I will build another not so tiny house. That’s what I called real freedom.

    • AWESOME! 250 is a great size! I would love to have a little more space in mine!

      • david

        I also build a timber frame “farm building” for a friend so he can move out of his tent. 🙂 I believe that shelter is a right and that EVERYONE should have access to affordable shelter.

      • Hi David,
        AWESOME! I wish we had you when we were building Fred’s house! Of course I agree with you! It is the powers that be, which need to start seeing things our way.
        It know what Timber frame is and it is wonderful that you have this skill! This is my dream to have a timber frame straw bale home of 400 square feet. My brother in law is a master carpenter in Germany and this is his trade. Do you have a company to do this and if so, would you want your information added to the Canadian tiny houser/tiny house building post which I have here? Do you have a web page?
        Kind regards,

      • david is my timber framing web site. will be my tiny living web site some day 🙂
        david B

  3. Reblogged this on Tiny House Ontario and commented:

    Hey all, since there may be some new people coming here because of the National Post Article today, I wanted to repost this and ask if you are a tiny houser and want to be part of this list, please send me a note here or on Facebook, so I can include you. Here is the link to the article.

    • Carolyn

      Hi Laura,
      I am the Carolyn in this article and I would like to be put on your list. This is my second tiny home. I with a friend built at 192 sq ft home on the dunes of Haida Gwaii, BC out of recycled, new and driftwood and it is still what I consider home. The 380 sq ft home in Terrace has all the amenities of a home, power, septic, water while the home on Haida Gwaii is off grid. I can’t imagine living any other way. The bigger challenge is creating a sense of community. Terrace has an almost zero vacancy rate so some people move into these tiny homes to store their stuff while they live in camps. There is nothing easy about creating community but we are working on it. The home on Haida Gwaii is solo and is used as my retreat from the work world…no cell, wifi or white noise!
      P.S. Great website

    • Laura

      So my name is Laura, I just aquired the shell of my tiny house and am excited to embark on this new chapter in my life. ..I would love to start a blog of my journey but have not had time to figure out how to start one. ..

  4. Followed several of the links and many of the blogs haven’t been updated in years and several look like they were never finished ?

    • Hi Sybil, This post is over a year old and I don’t go back over old posts unless someone brings problems to my attention.

      However, in this case I don’t think there is much I can do. I am not sure why people stop blogging as is the case with the hobohemians. I also don’t know why they do not continue updating the blogs they have, but it happens. Sometimes they just live out their life expectancy or the blogger becomes disinterested – I don’t know.

      My own little bog here still sees quite a lot of activity – though I don’t often post anymore.

      Kind regards,

  5. Chloe

    Just a question out of a curiosity, where would you “park” the tiny house if you were to live in GTA area?
    How about the address? I am looking into making a transition if my research tells me it would be worth it than having to worry about my mortgage for another 29 years.

  6. Fran Reay

    Love the website… I am interested in retiring to a Tiny house. How easy is it to find contractors or maybe re purpose a small building for a tiny house.
    My husband and I are thinking of buying a shed or large bunkies to retrofit.

    • Hi Fran,
      GREAT! Congratulations on your decision!
      However, there is an important step that you must look into first. You must find out if you can do so legally, or at the very least work around the bylaws in the area where you live. You don’t want to build a house only to find out that you can’t live in it anywhere near to where your roots lie.
      I also strongly suggest that you don’t buy a shed and retrofit. This building is to be your home, not a place where you store your hammer so there will be different building techniques that apply. Too, when you live tiny, you will want to custom fit the house so that it fits your lifestyle. Where windows sit, the door is, how high the ceiling is, if there is a loft and so on… these all become VERY important when you downsize your life.
      I suggest that you have a look at as many tiny house plans as you can find, use some tape on the floor or ground to fit your house plan and get a feel for moving around in that space. Put some things in the area… how does this feel to you?
      Good luck and enjoy the journey. Keep me posted too please.
      Tiny House Ontario

  7. Holly

    I am very interested in building a tiny house in Alberta or bc. I realize that with the equity in my current home, I could could build a comfortable tiny home and live mortgage free. I also appreciate that tiny homes can be a more sustainable way of living.

  8. Sam

    Anybody know of someone with a blog that has built/ is building a tiny home in Alberta? The one posted is actually in B.C. I’m just curious to see how the tiny house living is here in Alberta.


    • Monica

      Turtle Island Tiny Homes are the folks in Calgary who are building tiny houses. The maintain a Facebook page and have a website.

  9. rigel

    Hi! We’re half way through our tiny house build right now. It’s on Lake Ontario, about 2 hours east of Toronto. 8′ 6″ wide x 21′ long built on a utility trailer. We’re laying low for now, until we can get a better gauge on whether the county will come a callin’. So far, so good! We are in a rural enough area with minimal neighbours, most of whom are more curious than anything 🙂 But love visiting all the blogs. Tiny House Ontario being one of my faves! Happy building and best wishes to all the tiny housers out there in Ontario 🙂

    • Hey Rigel, I am not sure why but your comment fell into the spam box! I just found it now. How is your build going? Do you have any pics up on line that you would share? I would love to see! ❤ L

      • Rigel

        Hi Laura,

        We took a break over the winter, and are now working on steel roof and siding install. I hope to get some photos up soon. I’ll let you know when I do. Take care 🙂

      • Awesome! Spring is here! If you have the money to get the roof on, this is important. The sides have gravity on their side. I did not put my siding up for a full year! No money… but I lived there anyway and it did just fine.

    • laura

      Hello Tiger,

      I am embarking on building a tiny home now and am curious if you used an off grid system for water supply and what you are using to heat..if you could share that would be awesome 🙂

  10. Catherine

    I am so overwhelmed and confused as where to begin. We are a family of four and want to embark on this adventure.

  11. Steve


    My family (3 kids, wife and dog) and I are going to be making the tiny living/off grid transition soon. Currently employed on the Army but will be getting out soon. It seems to be quite the growing community here in Canada. I’ll keep you posted of progress.

    Ciao for now.

  12. Jean Dupuis

    I’m going to build. here in Ontario. Just got to get the money together for the build. Holding out good thoughts for great zoning. We shall see. I want to prove that going tiny house with solar can save a quality of life for the elderly that is being missed.

  13. Hello! We are in the beggining stages of our build, our website is and fb is What a cool idea, nice to see a list of some Canadian tiny houses!
    We just spoke with CBC this morning and did a live interview and they put this up after, Yay for tiny houses!

  14. Hey Laura,
    I’ve been reading your posts for a few months I guess. YES – I think there must be many more tiny housers in Ontario that either of us realize. We started building our tiny house last year with $70,000 in sponsors products. We expect to finish it by the end of this summer. Here is a time lapse of it.
    We are located in Tottenham, Ontario and have written a book your readers might be interested in about how to get sponsors for your tiny house build – Its on Amazon. There’s an interview with Andrew Odom from Tiny Revolution in it too.
    We’ll be taking our tiny house on tour across Canada and the US (once we’re finished) to promote our free website and tiny house tool (compare the cost of a big house vs tiny/small) and other calculation tools, like how to discover your future net worth. Tiny house people seem to be very money wise. means “home + money”.
    Anyhow, we’d appreciated being added to your list. 🙂 Thanks!


  15. We would love to be added to your list 🙂 Currently building in Nova Scotia and hoping to move in this September … we have started a small blog and hope to update it as the build comes together. Still very new –

    • Awesome. I certainly will add you newly weds. Congratulations! Good luck on your build and with every little bit of your life together.
      xo Laura

  16. Anonymous

    …May I’ll be added to your list as well…one day.
    … who knows… 🙂
    Yet, best winches!

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