The Other House

If you are a regular reader here you will know that I downsized.  I sold a large house in order to finance the land purchase and building of Tiny House Ontario.  I also purchased a 900 square foot house in Hamilton that needs work.  Having two places is a requirement for us for the time being; my husband works here in the Hamilton are which on a good day is a five hour drive from THO and the location of THO is our longterm ideal.  There is a long transition until THO is ready and we are financially prepared.

I knew it would happen, but two weeks ago, as promised, our bathroom collapsed in the Hamilton house.  It already looked as though the 80’s vomited in there… a dusty rose and grey mess with cracked tiles on the floor, I could live with… but a tile fell off in the shower, one day, then the (older style water consuming) toilet let go of the floor the next… and the sink which was already loose began to flow out of the bottom.  So, I gutted it.  I did not think to take photos until I was already in the throes of a mess but I think this already started clean up and the after will give you a very clear idea of the work that was done.

I decided to purchase a new low flow toilet and a vanity as well.  It was something I gave some thought to because the old ones were in perfect condition (excepting the wax seal and the drain) but decided on a more ecological toilet and a vanity.  The toilet would save water and with the sleek sides be easy to keep clean and the vanity would give storage for personal items as well as tissue.   I painted the tiles and reused the fixtures as well as the shower curtain and towels.

It is now very clean and spa like in the updated room.

bathroom beforeish

Bathroom afterI have put up the piece of missing trim but did not take a new photo… sorry folks!

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6 thoughts on “The Other House

  1. Yes, moving to Hamilton & realizing that you have to pay for water consumption (in Quebec, everything is covered by taxes, so you never see the cost which is why you see so many people washing their cars on Sunday mornings – not HERE, you don’t!), we also got a toilet as you have. When the inspectors came by, they neglected to close one tap in the basement & the PRICE on that was enormous. Just drips can cause anyone to go into debt! Great job on your renos!

    • Hi, This is good information about paying for water in Hamilton. I do live in Quebec and never gave it a thought. Although, when I see people cleaning their side walk, man ô man! do I ever give them a piece of my tongue and my mind. I cannot help it! it makes me upset. Water is so precious and they just don’t give a hoot. But Laura, are you not living in Kingston now or still in down town Hamilton. Sorry, it is just that I am a little confuse right now…Helen

      • My husband works here in Hamilton and he lives here all the time. Tiny House Ontario’s construction is still not complete but I live there 8 months a year. THO is in the Kingston area so I live there most of the time… but I live in Hamilton when it is cold or if I have business in Hamilton or area.

        Hopefully this clears up any confusion that you have on where I am located.

        xo Laura

  2. Yet another similarity! You may have seen that Matt and I have a 700 square foot house in downtown Asheville. It was a good opportunity – a fixer upper that just needed cosmetic work – and once it is perfect we can rent it while we stay in the tiny house. It is a great solution. This may be something you can go to generate extra income once you are permanently in the tiny house as well.

    I love what you did with the bathroom. It looks great!

  3. That looks so much better isn’t it amazing what a little paint can do. I like the darker mirror and frame that pops with the white and keeps it from looking too stark.

  4. It looks awesome!

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