They look reasonably well hidden! Lets hope the babies move in!

4 thoughts on “They look reasonably well hidden! Lets hope the babies move in!

  1. Finnbjörn Finnbjörnsson

    That’s fun! We don’t have skunks here in Iceland. Too bad about the cats though. But are they in the picture? Can’t see them….

    • Oh! Sorry! I misunderstood. No the cats were not yet there. This was the first day that we set up the houses for them. They move in over the next days and weeks. We brought food and water to them as well so that they would stay off of the roads. 😀

  2. Is there really a cat(s) there? The curiosity is killing me 🙂 Please help

    • Hi Finni, This was in 2012. There were cats there for a couple of years, but then a pack of coyotes moved into the area so the cats moved on… or unfortunately became coyote food.
      Shortly after the cats disappeared – (about six months) Imperial Oil who owns this piece of land removed all of the cat houses, and cleared all the brush away, so they are no longer there.
      Recently however, a full family of skunks – with four babies moved in there along the fences. They are such cute little stinkers!

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