When I set up this blog which is about stepping off the consumption line I very specifically chose to not have any advertising on this site.

Further, anyone who reads my posts knows that I do not use ANY commercial products for cleaning myself or my home beyond baking soda, organic apple cider vinegar for myself and white vinegar for my home.  I also use only olive oil to moisturize my skin and my hair.  I would never endorse anything that I do not use or that I am not 100% happy with.  Simple as that!

Still, this stuff which I personally consider to be total crap, and which I am more than likely allergic to, is on my blog.  This is here without my permission!  I do not make any advertising revenue on this Vaseline ad, nor any other ad which is being put without my permission here.  I do not endorse this, nor any other product. While I understand that with the number of readers Tiny House Ontario has, that advertisers might want to get in here, certainly I would not allow any products that I personally would never use, be a part of what I would allow here.  I am not opposed to advertising, for example, I would be happy to allow for example Bison Pumps or certain other off grid suppliers for things that people actually NEED, on my site, but Vaseline blah, blah, blah!  Seriously?  This sort of advertising is NOT in keeping with the ideology here at all!  I promise that if I ever do allow advertising that it will be only for products that I have used, like and or aspire to have at THO.

I want to extend an apology to my readers who have been subjected to this consumer nonsense and I also want to know if any bloggers out there know what to do about this?  For example, can I find a paid and applicable sponsor which will wipe out all this, or can I just make adjustments to my WordPress blog which will allow this to stop.  For example, if I pay for the blog space will the ads stop?

Thanks!  Image by Colleen who both captured this on her screen as well as brought it to my attention.


So a half hour after this post and this is what Colleen sees when she looks at this post!  Please let me know if you also see this.

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  1. Laura, I’m not seeing any advertising. I know WordPress CAN put ads on our blogs unless we pay extra for an ad free site. I’ve only ever seen one on mine, just before I was due to renew my paid-for domain name upgrade, and I wondered if they were trying to get me to pay for the ad-free upgrade too.

    Love what you are doing with THO! Our house in a small town north of London isn’t exactly tiny at 400 square feet, but it is definitely on the smaller side. I’m hoping once I move back to Australia I can buy a fixer-upper on a big lot to rent out once I’ve built a tiny house to live in on the property.

  2. Cookie

    Today is my first day on your blog (am very much enjoying it) and ı can see the advertizing you are talking about. Rogers is my ISP, maybe thats where I;m getting the ads from. Just wanted to let you know 🙂 Keep up the great work.

  3. Michael

    Never seen any advertisements here either. I wonder if that person’s ISP is inserting ads into web pages they view?

    • Thanks Michael. I think it might be a problem with her computer. At least I hope that this is the case.

  4. Valerie

    I haven’t seen any advertizing on your blog.

  5. Sue

    Hi Laura,
    Just wanted to say….I’ve never had any advertising pop-up while viewing any of your blogs, posts or pictures. It may be because I block pop-up on my Internet Explorer?? Not really sure.
    Good luck finding a ‘cure’.

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