Home Sweet Home

It was wonderful to get back to Tiny House Ontario even though it was just a Friday to Monday trip.  The weather was perfect!  I am very comfortable here in Hamilton in my small house, which has lots of light and a wonderful small studio for me to paint in; evenso, my home is Tiny House Ontario.  This is not just because I love it there, but it is a place where people know my name.  Mostly everyone.

My husband was also down with me and we brought the dogs out for a few walks while we were there.  Unfortunately Honey got a tick and since that particular area of Ontario is awful for Lyme disease… we have to keep our eyes on her.

On one of the walks we went to the bottom of our escarpment and I found a wonderful old tree which made me think about how simple places can be and still be home.  This single tree, rotting and twisted is the home to so many creatures.  Additionally in the top there is a little nest.

Tree House Condo?

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