An Environmental Wonder!

Here are some stats on why tiny houses are fantastic energy savers.  What this does not take into account is the HUGE reduction in additional building materials (outside of lumber) and the huge reduction in STUFF needed to fill the house.

I don’t cool THO and will being next year in burning wood scraps in my mini 12.  Because I was not there this year I cannot do the carbon footprint for 2014, but in 2013 it was 1.1 carbon tons – however with 10 acres of untouched forest we contribute back far more than we could ever use even with having two houses.  Our forest, I estimate covers the foot print for 10 normal homes plus our own footprint.

Thanks to Tiny House Build for creating this info graphic

Thanks to Tiny House Build for creating this info graphic

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4 thoughts on “An Environmental Wonder!

  1. Anonymous

    near Perth Ontario would be nice!

  2. Tiny houses mean more space for trees and less of them cut down to build more space than we use.

  3. Patricia Diaz

    Hi Laura,

    Do you know anyone/company capable of building a 30 Unit truly sustainable seniors tiny home community?


    • Where are you located Patricia? I think here in Canada there is a great collective out on Pender Island in BC who certainly have these skills. They would probably have to add one person to the team and this would be an advisor for the medical needs of seniors. I am not sure if you can get them off of the island for as long as it takes though. Here is the link to an article about them.

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