Turkey Vultures


I was below the escarpment today and there were four turkey vultures a few feet from me.  My camera has only a 3x telescope but I thought I would share with you anyway.

I have never seen so many of these birds in one location.  It is wonderful to see them bouncing back post DDT.  The increase in the large bird population is proof positive that making decisions based on the environment is the right thing to do.

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4 thoughts on “Turkey Vultures

  1. Pamela Kyssa

    Laura I would like to ask you a couple of questions and need your email address… and the email address of Jamie Brick…. thank you … 🙂

    • Sorry. Do I know you?
      Why do you require these emails?
      If you have something specific to ask feel free to contact me here or at Tiny House Ontario’s facebook page by messaging me privately. As far as Jamie Brick goes, I suggest that you can connect with him by googling his website.

  2. OMG, they are absolutely beautiful, magnificent birds – enough to take your breath away when you spot them! I think they are all in a bunch because there is something decaying there…

    • I agree Laura, they are amazingly gorgeous! There is an unfortunate racoon there in the field. I suspect the victim of a fisher. In the wild here, nothing goes to waste.

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