A Special Viewing

Today, this blog reached 85,000 reads.  I knew this would happen so I have been holding something back from all of you.  The truth is, I wanted to mark this number by thanking you in a VERY special way.

In Canada the most famous group of artists are, without question, The Group of Seven.  I first saw their work when I was a child in grade four.  I was not from an artsy family, nor even from a family who visited galleries, museums or theatres.  Still, one of our primary teachers was an Art lover and she arranged for us to see Art, with a capitol A.  We had been to see an Andy Warhol‘s Soup exhibit at Agnes Etherington earlier in the year and so this was my second gallery trip with my class.  This time we were at the McMichael Gallery and I remember looking up at the paintings by Lawren Harris with my child eyes; these works took my breath away.  It was my first real “identification experience” with Art and it is a feeling that has never left me.  Over the years, I have gained a huge appreciation for the entire Group of Seven.  I LOVE these works they all take my breath now.  Gallery visits to see these works are serious exercises in oxygen depravity and breathing for me.  In my adult years, I think there is not a week gone by where I have not looked in on them in one form or another, be that a gallery, a book or the internet, they captured me totally.

About a year ago, I sat chatting with a girlfriend D who told me that she really likes my paintings. Can you imagine my absolute awe when in the next breath told me that she is the niece of Frank (Franz) Johnston?  Then in the next she said her mom has many of his paintings; some of these she has loaned to galleries, the others she has hanging in her home.  “WHAT?” I squealed like a little girl!

On her last trip home D, who is not really a fan of her uncle’s work (no kidding), took a photo with her cellphone of this painting because she thought I would like it.  Of course I love it and would really want to see it up close and personal!

I asked and D has given me permission to share this image with you and as far as I know this is a world premier.

Frank (Franz) Johnston's: Small House

Franz Johnson: “Little House”

Thank you for reading and enjoy the view!

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10 thoughts on “A Special Viewing

  1. Lisa in Colorado

    Congrats on 85,000 views! I enjoy your blog and just thought I’d say hello. 🙂

    • Thank you Lisa! I feel so honoured to have had so many people interested in my tiny life. It is surprising to me that so many people are interested. It is nice though… I have to admit… I like the attention. 😀

  2. Oh, what a lovely little house. I’ve always loved the Group of Seven.
    Congratulations on hitting such a great number with your blog!

  3. And, why should you not have such numerous readership? Your voice of calm, deliberation and passion is endearing and a privilege to read. Thank you for sharing this view of one of your “aha” moments. How neat it is to be able to see such work up close and personal. I am the installer for exhibitions at our municipal gallery, and love handling work and looking at it at nose depth. G

  4. Sabrina O.

    I can almost see someone walking into the frame and onto the porch or to do some work.

  5. It’s amazing! I hope you get to view the rest of her collection, a private showing is so much more fun. Congrats on reaching 85,000 views too.

    • Thank you Lois. What an honour it is to share this! Both the painting and the numbers are a huge surprise for me. I started this blog as a way to share with my friends. I did not expect more than 5 to 10 readers a week. Unexpected joys really.
      xo L

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