Proposal Kitchener MATH… UGH

I have had a few people send me messages on Facebook to say that they would like to put a deposit down for a lot/house and so too would I be willing and able to do this.

QUESTION: What I would like to know is this.  If I took the time and money to hire a lawyer and open a trust account with this lawyer would you be ready and able to put $15K in there within ten business days?

WHY AM I ASKING???:  Because, if ONLY 50 of us were to put $15,000 into the account, we would then be able to purchase the land in Breslau (with a condition that the community will allow a tiny house development here).  Then if another 50 of us put $15,000 into the same account we would have collected 1.5 million all together; this would, I believe give us the money to sever lots and to develop the land with water, sewer and hook up lines to the first central structure.

This 8.31 acre property is of course 361983 square feet which if my guestimate is at all accurate makes each square foot of land cost roughly $4.15 per square foot but of course this raises to probably more than double that cost/ square foot for the lots due to the fact that we loose space and money to the main house, walkways and roads.  I would guess this would bring lot cost to roughly $15./square foot.

We would make two sizes of lots available.  Again this is a guesstimate on numbers because I really am unsure what a lawyer costs and also what development of lots costs… so here is the ballpark:

—  LOTS —

For about $21000, (56×25) 1400 square foot lot for houses that are 400 square feet and under (these lots can only have a garage if it sits under the house).  They can also have a basement and fruit cellar.

For about $37500, (56×44.65) 2500 square foot lots for maximum 500 square foot houses that may have a garage (under or beside).  They can also have a basement and fruit cellar.

Your initial investment of $15,000 (minus your legal fee) is to go toward a deposit for your lot, OR returned to you once the majority of the lots are sold.  Once the property is purchased and the trades have to be hired this deposit money will also be used to pay me a living wage of $800/week for organizing all of this and for consultancy due to the fact that I will have to work full time at this for a few months.

If all if this seems agreeable to you and you are ready to invest please comment here (I will NOT make it public) or send  Tiny House Ontario a private message on Facebook.  If there are 100 of you who are ready and willing to put your money in then I will hire a lawyer immediately.


Here is the style of homes that I would like to see in our tiny house community.

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3 thoughts on “Proposal Kitchener MATH… UGH

  1. David Christen

    Laura, It sounds like you would be the developer.  I think this is a great concept and the market is ready for it for sure. 

    Have you accounted for the following:Design plans for each house.Archetectual costs for designs.Building costs per unit.Land transfer costs?  Reason I am asking is I am forwarding your email to friends who I know would be very interested and for 15k I know that there will be additional costs to actually owing one of these.  Wondering if you will be doing a more detailed prospective with the cost factor to ownership. Maybe a breakdown of phases and costs?  Thanks again David 

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    • Hi David, I guess I hate to think of myself as a developer, and would prefer to think of myself as a working consultant. I come with a lot of knowledge about what people who want to live tiny, actually want… and hope I could bring someone in with a little experience in the actual building stuff. The 15 K I am looking for about 100 investors and would be to secure the land and work as an initial deposit. The eventual cost of the lots would be about $15/square foot which is about 5.5 million dollars when all the lots are sold, so I was hoping that the difference in cost between the land and the actual lot sales would cover a small wage for my time as well as all the associated costs with development.
      Kind regards,

    • Sorry I should have added that I want all of the houses to have the feel of those in Carmel by the Sea. Cozy timberframe style cottages with some stone work, like the ones I have pictured in the post. A few of these are off the shelf plans, but I would like there to be a few options for people, not just cardboard cut outs, even though to maintain an upperscale look all of these houses will need to fit into that style. Regarding a detailed prospective, a breakdown of costs and phases I don’t have it. I would like to see these houses complete be available for around 75K for the tiny and 100K for the smalls with a few fancy interior upgrades available as well. I would also like to have these houses not be allowed to grow beyond the sizes that they are, so that they are forever affordable houses which will turn over as families grow and people pass on.
      Again kind regards,

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