Exact Cost: Phase 6, Year 5, 2015

It is that time of year again!

It cost quite a bit more this year than in the previous one, but this said, four of my eight goals were met and a few more things too.  The costs all tallied up for my tiny house and land are now over 100K, but this said, it is now nearing completion and the livability is really great now.

The accomplishments that I ticked off of my to do list are:  Install the Mini 12 stove chimney set up, fix the bathroom so that the mice cannot get in, insulate and install flooring on the main level, and build seating.  I also put in a new support post in the cloth porch because it was sagging a little bit from the snow load.  Too, I took a load of stuff to the dump.  The things that went were the mouse urine soaked bathroom items, the old sofa and chair that I had rescued from the roadside six years ago and scrap building materials from the updates.  I also took the old burned out BBQ and metal bits to the metal recycle place at the same time.

Now that I have heat, the only obstacle to living there is a fresh water well.  At about $10K for the drill, this may not happen next year either.

My costs were as follows:

Dump run –  truck rental $120, dump fee, $28 TOTAL: $148.

Chimney – Cement and foam base $79, Muscles $150  Stone  $1400, Mason and supplies $1200, stove pipe kit $345 TOTAL: $4174.

Bathroom – preowned metal and plywood $0, Habitat flooring $10 TOTAL: $10.

Main floor insulation and flooring – Insulated panels $207, flooring $250 TOTAL: $457.

Sofa and footstools – $487.

Post and additional wood for cloth porch – $78.

2015 Phase 6 $5354

2014 Phase 5 $0

2013 Phase 4 $2419

2012 Phase 3 $5,124

2011 Phase 2 $8,839

2010-11 Phase 1 $11,740

Total, To Date (on building, driveway, homesteading, improvement & taxes) – $33,876

Land – $67,000

Investment in THO and Property $100,876 —–

As for what I wish to work on next year:

  1. Update the bathroom so that it works
  2. Turn the garden into a little green house so that the critters can’t steal everything I grow.  Alternately, I thought I might plant just herbs and Helianthus tuberoses.  These are native species alternately known as sunroot sunflowers, or Jerusalem artichokes and they should do well in the sunny spot there as well as produce food for me that perhaps won’t all be eaten.
  3. Install the floor on the second level.
  4. Finish the stone work patio and walkways
  5. I would also like to move the shed from my Hamilton house to the land at THO. It would be good to have it there so I could store spare wood, equipment such as maple tree tapping, and outdoor stuff. I think I would also put off season clothes in bins there. We will see if time and energy permit.
  6. Try to get my SHITTY Mini 12 Grey Stove working.

What is left to do????

  1. well and pump
  2. kitchen
  3. bathroom
  4. loft flooring
  5. build in the bed
  6. build in seating for the cloth porch
  7. shed
  8. stonework

Here is what the place looks like now 😀

September 2015 exterior on a rainy day

September 2015 exterior on a rainy day

A rainy evening, but the interior is really coming together, I think!

A rainy evening, but the interior is really coming together, I think!

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7 thoughts on “Exact Cost: Phase 6, Year 5, 2015

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  2. Kate

    Laura,Hello from western Canada
    Thanks for sharing your tiny house journey. Congratulations on your achievement…Bravo.
    I’m currently living seasonally in a rustic tiny trailer house I built a few years ago( usually March to November) with ‘walking water’, a humanure toilet and minimal electricity( love the light of beeswax candles and small solar lights) and ,like you, utilize those amazing terra cotta pot heaters.
    I will be putting in the same woodstove as you have and wonder where you purchased your stove pipe/chimney package? Was it one for a pellet stove? Did you use 3inch? or a combo of 3 and 4?
    Best wishes

    • I am not happy with my wood stove. I can not recommend it and would never endorse anyone buying this stove since I consider this purchase to be the biggest mistake I ever made. I wish that I had never put it in.
      I am sorry. I hope you have not already ordered it. If you have and cannot return it, please be cautious about leaving your pets in the house when you are not there and keep your smoke and carbon monoxide testers running at all times. This company considers the insulation around the door to be purely decorative.

  3. Laura, I’d really like to begin my plan for a tiny/small house but I hear such different things on what’s allowed. What’s the sf of your place and how did you find out about land that will allow them etc. And I’m curious what it is about the group that you think may be a scam as I read their proposition just 2 days ago and thought it had some sense but am leary of getting involved. I know you get inundated with people and questions but as you’ve figured a lot of this out I’dlove to hear back from you. I’m alone in this in my 50’s and though I’m a confident person, I’m nervous about the next step – value privacy yours – so if you can help great – if not I understand. I am Linda ON and am on Facebook if you’d prefer a private conversation – for me that might be easier also. Cheers.

    • Hi Linda, I have edited your last name and address out of your post.

      I full well understand your confusion! Every. Single. Municipality. sets their OWN rules. It is not possible to keep up. If you want to be a tiny houser the best thing that you can do is go to the building departments in the areas that interest you and ask questions. Find out how you can legally build by (or around the codes) so that you don’t wind up being stopped part way in OR even after you have settled.

      As for the Smart Communities that you ask about, I will have a private conversation with you about the specifics. Send me a message on THO’s Facebook account and I will fill you in.

      Kind regards, from another girl in her 50’s!

      ❤ Laura

  4. Wow! U sure are terrific. I hope we meet someday and can share stories!
    Be Well,Yurt Grrl💖🎪🎸

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