Exact Cost: Phase 5, Year 4, 2014

The beginning of the year and looking forward to movement.

The end of 2014 year and looking forward to movement in 2015.

This post is about nothing.  Zero.  Zilch!

Due to the fact that it was a year of illness, which is by the way totally behind me now, I did no updates on Tiny House Ontario.  This means that my Exact cost for 2014 was $0 for updates and property improvement.  The only thing that was paid is the now more expensive tax bill for 2014.  This was $862.  I have, however, never included taxes in my costs.  This is because I see this as a bill and not as a cost for house improvement, if that makes any sense.

2014 Phase 5 $0

2013 Phase 4 $2419

2012 Phase 3 $5,124

2011 Phase 2 $8,839

2010-11 Phase 1 $11,740

Total, To Date (on building, driveway, homesteading, improvement & taxes) – $28,522

 Land – $67,000

Investment in THO and Property $95,522  —–

Because of all that, my plans this year are to carry through with some or all of my plans for 2014 in 2015.

My first plan is to get some exercise so that I am fitter to start this spring!

I am evicting Guillaume from THO… That sounds much sterner than it actually is.  He has been brilliant to take care of THO in 2014!  I am happy to have him near me both as a friend and neighbour!  But now has his house closed in enough that he can, with reasonable comfort and safety, sleep in his own loft and because I will be back this year, clearly two separate households can’t share a 93.75 square foot house.

As for the house here is what I wish to work on:

Install the Mini 12 stove.

Update the bathroom so that the mice cannot get in.

Finish the stonework.

Turn the garden into a little green house so that the critters can’t steal everything I grow.

Install the floor on the main level.

Install the floor on the second level.

I will be mighty happy if I can get all this done!

I would also like to move the shed from my Hamilton house to the land at THO.  It would be good to have it there so I could store spare wood, equipment such as maple tree tapping, and outdoor stuff.  I think I would also put off season clothes in bins there.  We will see if time and energy permit.

I am glad to be starting off 2015 with more optimism again!

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9 thoughts on “Exact Cost: Phase 5, Year 4, 2014

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  2. Teri

    Onward and Upward 🙂

  3. space

    yes good luck with the on-going project Laura….and congratulations on what you have achieved!
    Happy New Year !

    with love

  4. All the best this year, and good luck with attaining the goals set.

  5. Looks like a lot of work..!! I wish you lots of energy..

    Didn’t you have surgery recently…or, going to do so?
    It sounds like your busy agenda might be a hopeful sign that you are feeling better…??
    I certainly hope so.

    • Awe, Thanks!
      Yes, I had surgery. Then I had to go back in for more due to complications.
      It has been a brutal 15 months – I thought for a few months that I would die waiting to get the surgery I needed. But that is all water under the bridge now.
      I am MUCH better and now simply to regain my muscles and lose the fat I gained from 15 months of doing little more than polishing the sofa with my butt. 😛
      ❤ L

  6. With your Get up and Go Back and your positive attitude you should do great!!

  7. 2BarA

    All the best for 2015. Hope you achieve your goals, especially those for THO.

  8. I am happy to hear that you’re well and getting back to the tiny house! Can’t wait to see your projects this year!

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