Quebec Heater

2 thoughts on “Quebec Heater

  1. Connie

    Dear Laura & Cousin Sandy:
    Oh, I’m so sorry. I meant to include Sandy in my reply to say it was a very nice gesture on his part for taking the Quebec heater to your THO. Very kind indeed.

  2. Connie

    Dear Laura
    Another interesting picture and we get a sense that you have such a creative, peaceful existence, living at one with nature. Have you thought about having a spring Open House to show perhaps sell your artwork. I still kick myself for not buying a piece from your show in Inverary when you were very young. I knew then that one day you’d be an icon in the art world. Between your writing and paintings, who knows how the universe will unforld for you.

    I’d love to come for a visit before Christmas if you are receiving guests. Just a quiet visit, the two of us.
    Cousin Connie
    aka: Chili Con Carne, Constantinople, Cookie,. These are some of the pet name my Father’s siblings had for me!

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