Exact Cost: Phase 3, Year 2, 2012

So far in 2012 I have (with help) built the in-house with composting toilet, added some (not great) LED battery lighting, put steel on the exterior, added gravel dust for the patio (to allow this to settle for next year’s project), updated (not completed) the kitchen and purchased the items for the off grid solar installation including fixtures.  Below is what I spent on this phase.


Home Hardware  building supplies=$1018.56

Northway building supplies=$159.84

Glen Supply building supplies1434.33

Canadian Tire solar system and building supplies= $570.33

Battery Expert for solar system=$91.41

Gravel 197.75

Brewers Marine LED lights and wiring= $449.16

Woolsley Plumbing part for in-house $59.66

Rona =$190.39

Habitat Restore sink 20.00

Guillivan wire 93.17

Labour  (42 hours – Frame in-house, put on roof, cut and put up the steel siding) =$840.00

TOTAL = $5,124.60


I have also prepared what I believe to be a reasonably accurate breakdown of the costs of this project from 2010 to now.

This includes: the costs of THO, land, structures, aspects of homesteading, driveway and mistakes along the way.

This does not include: meals, insurance, legal fee, nor cost of living such as fuel, taxes, phone, books, paper, art supplies, clothing, gifts, vehicles…

2012 Phase 3 $5,124

2011 Phase 2 $9,239

2010-11 Phase 1 $11,740

Total, To Date (on building, driveway, homesteading) – $25,703

 Land – $67,000

Investment in THO and Property $93,103  —–

$15,963 is the value of materials and paid labour for the THO and the cloth porch structures the remainder of the $92,703 is land, drive homesteading cost.

THO has (with the detachable in-house) 110 square feet of space; therefore, $145.12 is the cost of the structure per square foot.  (The cloth porch is a bonus.  The loft is a bonus due to the technical fact that it is not high enough to be considered in the square footage.)

If you include the loft space as 81.75 square feet then THO is 191.75 square feet; $83.25 is the cost of the structure per square foot.  (The cloth porch is a bonus)

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9 thoughts on “Exact Cost: Phase 3, Year 2, 2012

  1. Dave

    I think its great what you are doing, and I really appreciate that you did put down the amount of money you spent, to give me a general idea of how much things cost! Your blog is awesome, and your tiny house is so rad!

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  5. HiPSt@R

    Hi Laura,

    I’ve been following your progress, what you are doing is wonderful and the information you give is great! I’m looking into purchasing land right now, as the first step, but hopefully I can have something like yours in the near future.

    You don’t need to explain to anyone what you are doing, especially if it holds no interest to you (ie. number crunching). Keep up the good work and keep posting! Loving your THO!

  6. Thanks for posting costs-this is a big help to all planning a project, but here are a few suggestions to make it really valuable.
    I Group all non building related costs in one category. These are costs that would change if the same project were built on another site-eg gravel, solar etc.
    2 Most importantly-please try to estimate the TIME you and friends put into the actual building.
    Including some paid labor is meaningless-someone else may decide they cannot do the roof, or drywall, or whatever. Realistically, the cost of your home is $X in materials and paid labor, and X hours of semipro or pro labor. The SF number is meaningless without that info.

    • Hi Martin,
      Where do you post the costs that you group? You do not provide a website. I would like to see what you mean. So far (there may be some but) I have not seen any other Tiny House people post anything specific (as I have) with regard to what they pay for what. I do this as I go along as well so if you want to know more what the expenses mean you will have to read my blog. This post is meant only as a synopsis for my readers. You see, I explain what I am doing and what I spent (and on what) as I go.

      Regarding the time that I put in – I can’t really tell you that. Again this is just a synopsis post and I don’t really like numbers so I am not going back to figure all that out. I have to enjoy what I am doing and this synopsis is about as far out of my element as I care to go.

      Regarding labour – I have added the specifics as you suggest. If you were reading my blog, then you would know that what my (paid) friends have done are only things that I cannot do myself. Dig the foundation, pour the cement slab, steel install for the walls and roof, window installation and most of the framing. I did the rest and got a few friends and my husband to chip in from time to time too. Nothing big there. Hand me something, hold something… Hj helps with some heavier stuff too.

      So… what is an SF? Sneezing Fly? Snippy Flipper? Snotty Friend? Sale Final? Soupy Fish?
      xo L

      • Ah! I see SF is square foot. You think that the SF accounting I have done is meaningless? Well… you could be right. Honestly, I don’t really care about numbers, not in real life… basically, I forget they exist at all in my day to day living… I never remember how old I am, any birthdays, phone numbers, nor costs. Numbers seem to slip right out of my ears. Still, I kept all my receipts, and tried to give the most honest and straight forward accounting that I could. Maybe I did not collect this data or write it down up to your standards?

        About my labour… It took me 15 months to build THO – when I could get there, felt like it, sometimes I worked all day, more often not at all. A lot of times I am at THO and I just write and watch the trees all day, or I do stuff that I want to do with my friends and family. It is a good place to breathe. Relax. Not worry about things.

        This Tiny House project is for me and it is about getting what I want by my own hands without debt (excepting the land which is about 1/2 mine and 1/2 debt). It is about the love.

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