Exact Cost: Phase 1, Year 1, 2010-2011 $78,740

$67,000 – Land


$11,740 – For road, excavation and foundation for house and porch


1,000 – Lawyer fee

$500 – Chain saw repair

$725 – Tractor and man (3 visits – good deal – thanks Kenny!)

$4,000 – Men to work *

$1,800 – Equipment rental *

$75 – Entry fee permit (plus $2,000 down which will be refunded [if you do it the way they like 2x fail so far])

$675 – Culvert

$1,930 – Gravel

$835 – Concrete

$150 – Canadian Tire and Home Hardware – supplies such as string, tarps and so forth

$50 – A couple of drinks for Woodchuck


Troubles in the woods*:

The $5,800 costs that are marked above are ones that I am not entirely happy with.  I had a contractor who in my opinion was over paid, did not buy things like CEMENT which is what he was hired and was supposed to pay for.  He also said he had all the equipment but then he rented equipment and left me with the bill.  Sadly, I do not believe he paid his men either and two of the boys are from families that are known to me – so this is humiliating.  Further to this, he also told people in the community both that I ripped him off, and that I was doing more in the woods with him than working.

Fortunately, I know the people there and they know him too, so I believe that my name is safe.   Getting down to the money though, these costs should have been closer to $2,500 for the men who worked hard and deserve payment.  Between them, they put in 122.25 hours all together – I think $25 an hour is a fair fee and what I agreed to with the contractor.  The rental cost should have been $500; but the contractor rented stuff and LEFT THINGS SITTING on my land for days and days, while I sat obliviously at home in another city.  When I confronted him, he said he was waiting to have the money together in order to buy the cement, because he was behind on bills and had to pay HIS BILLS with the money I fronted him for my materials.  Last thing I want is a lien, so I paid the rental fees and accepted my mistake as both expensive and also as a learning experience.  I paid for the stuff I required and got him to finish the work that he had agreed to.  A $2,800 mistake, I guess.


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