Exact Cost: Phase 2, Year 1, 2011, $11,639

This phase of construction was just awesome.  Everything went well, and was not as expensive, nearly as the first part seemed.  It was also, way more gratifying!  Here is what it cost:

$4,872 – Home Hardware building supplies

$2,300 – Leo and Nigel too when there were high, heavy, things

$285 – Patio door and hardware (Kijiji)

$812 – Miscellaneous supplies *

$570 – 50 year (just the paint) steel roof should last 10 lifetimes

$400 – Second failed attempt at getting the culvert right (the county misquoted the size for the bedrock plateau)

$___  – Exterior cladding – still not ready from the local saw mill – deferred until the next phase

$9,239 – Total

Additional costs included moving (about $300), gas/train for going back and forth (Hamilton to tiny house $300), groceries and of course BEER.  All of these costs were pretty negligible because I had a summer where I was not too keen on eating or drinking (probably over estimating at about $400).  Most of my living cost was gas for my bike which is a 125 Yamaha Vino, therefore this was about $4/week (about $100) and insurance for the year (about $450).  Roughly $1,600 living costs for six months.  Not too bad!

* Misc supplies include the screen door, fabric, nails, screws, wood, additional hardware and one antique window repair and glass paint to pretty it up, flashing, 2 rolls of fencing, small garden solar lights, large shed – solar light, a gate making kit and some pressure treated lumber to start the out house which I never got around to because I could not figure out what I wanted or needed to do)

This makes the second phase $11,039 for the building and labour as well as 6 months cost of living and transportation.

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4 thoughts on “Exact Cost: Phase 2, Year 1, 2011, $11,639

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